What products are good for sale online?

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What products are good for sale online?

What products are good for sale online

Selling online is a trend that is in demand by many of today’s societies. Starting from housewives, office workers, to school children, all can start selling businesses online.

Various conveniences offered by the online sales system allegedly becoming the biggest reason why people switch professions to become online shop owners.

To be able to start selling an online business, you don’t need a lot of capital. Only smartphones, laptops/computers, suppliers of merchandise, social media accounts, bank accounts, and the ability to attract customers to buy your products.

This one does need its trick. But if your online selling products are those including selling well on the market, aka many who are looking for, then selling it easier.

Find out, let’s use any online selling products on the market!

Clothing products

Clothing products occupy the top position of the list of sales sold online. The mode trend continues to grow with the fewer times someone has to shop at a physical store, making the online shop selling various kinds of flooded clothing orders.

The existence of online shops that sell various types of clothing for all ages and genders is certainly very profitable for customers because only by scroll on the smartphone, it has received a reference model of what clothes are trending, while can see prices, quality, and shipping costs.

The public example of a successful figure with online selling products in the form of clothing is Alice Norin with his brand @ 8wood and Zaskia Adya Mecca with @meccanism.

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Body care products

If you see social media artists who have often endorsed goods from various online shops, of course, you will find a lot of body care products they review. Just say Skincare, facial soap, shampoo, lotion, anti-acne drugs, mustache grower, and others.

Interestingly, this body care product is not limited to women. Many online shops offer a variety of body care devoted to men.

Packaging food products

The increasingly limited time that modern society has also made packaging food products online for sale have many enthusiasts. Usually, selling online food products is homemade aka the owner’s owner, and is not limited to heavy food such as side dishes, but also snacks and snacks.

The online shop owner of food packaging usually applies two ways to produce and sell its products. Can be with a pre-order system, which means food packaging is produced first following the request, or it can also be produced in large quantities of packaging food, without considering the order amount, then sold.

The public example of the Figure that has a business selling online food packaging is Sarwendah (wife of Ruben Onsu) with his brand @resepsarwendah and beautiful artist prilly latuconsina with @bumbunona.


Branded shoe enthusiasts are sometimes too busy and lazy to buy the products they want in their physical stores.

This is a good opportunity for you to sell online shoe products, such as an official reseller. Of course, you have to make sure that people who sell these shoes only market the original product. This is for your credibility and the online shop account you run.

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Beauty product

Some time to back, skincare and makeup into two products selling online shops that are very popular.

Starting a business online shop for beauty products is also fairly easy, with a clear target market. You just stay looking for what makeup products are loved by many women. Then find a trusted supplier of the cosmetic product and market through your online shop account.


This Muslim clothing is very much looking for. Starting from teenagers to housewives, all looking hijab. Moreover, the number of Muslims in Indonesia is very much.

If you choose to sell online hijab, know what hijab material is the most comfortable worn and motif like what is best in the market.

For reference in starting an online business Hijab, you can see Natasha Rizky’s @AluryWars or @Hallybyawarin owned by Selebgram Awkarin.

In addition, the mentioned above, there are still many more online selling products that are quite in demand on the market. One thing you must remember when choosing a product is to make sure the product is durable. That is, online selling products must be durable from the production, marketing period, to delivery.