What is Video Blogging and Advantages of Videos

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With increasingly blogs being posted daily, bloggers prefer making channels on video sharing websites like YouTube to get more exposure. However recent researches have shown that videos are more watched, enjoyed and shared than the text content material. If you’re making a video and a text content then it can be easy to get more video views than text content material impressions. Also when we see a video on Facebook we are more likely to watch it rather studying a long description below a picture shared on Facebook. People enjoy watching videos rather reading content material.

Also videos have more visual effects than a text content material together with images. So here we will talk about about few advantages of video running a blog. Videos are more likely to go viral than a text content material. Recently many video spams hit Facebook. All of them seemed like a video able to be played.

Nearly no text content spam went as much viral as a video spam went. This proves the point that folks usually tend to watch videos on Facebook rather studying text. This method when followed for the merchandising of a blog can unveil spectacular results. So why not go with this approach?Many web companies have video channels at YouTube. This helps them get more site visitors and keep in contact with their readers which are more active on YouTube than on every other social networking online page.

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