What is the difference in the Content Writer and copywriter in the business marketing process?

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What is the difference in the Content Writer and copywriter in the business marketing process

What is the difference in the Content Writer and copywriter in the business marketing process?

What is the difference in the Content Writer and copywriter in the business marketing process

Writing work is very suitable if it is used as a side job by someone. Because this work is not complicated to do because it can be done at home and anywhere. However, writing works have two different types of writing in the marketing process. These two things are Content Writer and copywriters.

This difference can be seen in terms of writing, the focal point of the article, and so on. However, these two jobs are very popular with housewives and students as a side job.

Because it basically works as a writer also has a fairly large income or income so that it can meet needs.

Understanding Content Writer.

Content Writer In general can be interpreted as an articles writer with aiming to increase trust in a brand or product.

Where the contents of this article must also contain information, entertainers, and provide an instruction. To find out more about what is Content Writter, here is the shamel:

1. Have longer content

The first characteristics are Content Writer have a longer content because it is indeed in the form of an article.

In addition, in writing this Content Writer should also use the basic principle of SEO. This SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization written by testing certain keywords or keywords. Where this keyword is used as the main core of an article.

In addition, this keyword also aims to increase traffic to the website and can also raise brand awareness.

However, the use of Content Writer in business marketing is also very useful in raising the sale of a brand discussed. Therefore, many companies use things for the progress of sales of the company.

2. More focused on being used as information media

As discussed earlier that this Content Writer does create articles that contain information that will convince readers.

Therefore, good artificial articles that have good content writers have characteristics to be used as good information media. In addition, it can also be used as a selling medium but must contain information that is clear, accurate, and also trusted.

Content Writter must have a way in making orosyl and deep content.

But this can be a short deficiency in articles that have long content, because having long content can make readers lazy or not interested in reading the content.

The solution is the author must use a good and interesting word or language so that the reader feels comfortable when reading the content.

3. In terms of responsibility

In terms of responsibility, this Content Writer must be able to distribute content written and know whether SEO standards include. In addition, it must be able to do research so that the content written is not from plagiarism. Also make sure articles that you make are very accurate information and obtained from trusted sources.

Not only that, in writing Content Writer must have the ability in terms of editorial. Therefore, it’s good to make interesting content besides providing content writer services, you also have to prepare a editor.

Where a editor has a task in editing an article before being published, so that the written writing can be in accordance with the needs of the reader.

4. In terms of skills and qualifications

Skills can be interpreted as a skill they have in writing writer. Where before writing must know the structure used in writing writer.

Not only the structure, but writing techniques must also be mastered properly. Regarding technology must also be mastered with the aim of being able to maximize content needs.

There are also trends that must also be followed by the author, in other words that the author must be up to date or know the development of the trend that is happening at the present.

So if there is a new trend, a writer no longer misses information. In addition, by following the development of this trend can increase engagement in authority assets.

Definition of copywriter.

In contrast to the Content Writer, copywriter can be interpreted as a job to produce writings that aim to encourage Action.

In other words, the purpose of this paper so that readers can be attracted or compelled to read or buy products. But the following is exposure to the characteristics of copywriters to distinguish content writers and copywriters.

1. Must be more punchy

For content created copywriter does have shorter content compared to Content Writer. Because indeed the form of the manufacture of copywriters is to produce a short writing.

Even though copywriter is written in short writing but must hit at the intended core or can be said to be more punchy.

So that the intended target can be known by looking at the material that has been written. Therefore, copywriter services are widely used by advertising industrial companies. Because the discussion or material delivered is not routed. Therefore, readers can find out the main objectives of this copywriter writing.

2. More focused on being used as a promotional media

Unlike the case with the Content Writer which is focused on being used as information media. The role of this copywriter is more focused on being used as one of the promotional media by the company.

Companies that use copywriter services are mostly from advertising companies or advertising industries.

Examples can be seen in advertisements that are often aired on television, the internet, and print media that we often encounter.

If you see there is a short word then this is the result of the writing of the copywriter. Where these words are inviting readers to buy a product offered by the company.

3. Focus on customers

Copywriter must focus on customers, writing with copywriter techniques must begin with a prospect.

Where the principle used in this authority is so that the reader is interested in the writing, so that customers can take actions that are in accordance with what is made in the content.

On the other hand the content is made must fulfill the desire and expectation so that the reader immediately knows the intent and the main purpose of the article.

4. Emphasize the benefits and make distinctions with competitors

In general, copywriters also depend on the audience to be attracted to the privilege and benefits of a product.

Because indeed a prospective buyer does not just want to know what products are sold and for what the product is, but sometimes prospective buyers also want to know how products can help consumers in getting benefits.

Not only that, seeing from the many competitors in the sale of products causes the product to be compared.

Therefore, in writing copywriters should make a difference with other products. Like food products that must make new flavors that have never been offered by other companies.


It is an explanation and difference from the Content Writer and copywriter in a business marketing process. Where fundamental differences can be seen in terms of shortly a written content. In addition, the purpose of writing content is also certainly very different between Content Writer and Copywriter.

As we know, the use of Content Writer and copywriters are very important for the business marketing process, especially in the era of digital progress like now where everyone gets the convenience of accessing information.

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