What is the Difference between a DSP and an Ad Network?

Programmatic is changing advertisements and has become the dominant way for digital advertisers to purchase media: According to eMarketer, 67% of reveal commercials, 69% of mobile advertisements and 56% of digital video advertising were programmatic in 2016. But all of the tech talk around algorithms and knowledge science has left some a bit at a loss for words about how it all comes together. In fact, over 67% of CMOs do not totally take into account programmatic or how to use it to their advertising campaigns. You might be asking yourself what’s the change among a DSP and an ad network and the way both are alternative from an ad exchange.

We’re here to assist define these terms and highlight the pros and cons of every method of buying digital media. An critical part of Goodway Group’s sales enablement team, Melissa offers thorough pre sales research and clever method to make clients heroes each day. Drawing from her huge experience operating with full carrier businesses in the media world, she truly enjoys aiding consumers navigate the ever evolving panorama of electronic media, search marketing, and function analytics.

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