What is the chatbot and its importance for the business world

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What is the chatbot and its importance for the business world

What is the chatbot and its importance for the business world

What is the chatbot and its importance for the business world

At present, technology is present to help human needs. Starting from agriculture, education to business. So, his presence cannot be underestimated. It is often positive because it makes it easier for humans. One example of the technology is a chatbot.

You might be foreign to hear it. Or even just heard it. Well, to find out more, this article will help you to understand how important the chatbot is for business needs.

Definition of Chatbot.

Chatbot is a virtual service that is capable of making it easier for you to interact with customers. If previously what replied to interaction was human, Chatbot used a robot. This is following the name “bot” which means robot.

With Chat bot, this service can reply to messages written by customers. Chatbot has artificial intelligence capabilities. So that it can imitate human voice or when customers send messages, which replies like an inter-human conversation.

When customers enter certain keywords, Video Chat Bot can understand them so that it can choose the appropriate answer. So, the superiority of Chatbot can understand the intent desired by the customer.

Besides, chatbot is also supported by other technologies. Like, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). For the latter, NLP is designed to understand the language used in the question. So, being able to respond to the desire done by the customer.

Chatbot in business needs

The technology that uses this robot is expected to help the needs of business people. So, there are some benefits. You need to know this which includes:

Active in 24 hours

These days customers can order unlimited periods. So, when their order comes with an unpredictable time, as well as comments raised. They can comment positively or negatively.

What’s interesting is that the comment was made at any time. In order not to protracted, and cause noise on social media, this is the function of the chatbot. He was able to serve for 24 hours. Because it has been automatically designed. If many keywords have been programmed, it will be easier for him to respond to the customer’s intent.

Customer time is more economical

Time is money. That is the saying that applies in any world including business. The customer will look for, how to be able to use the efficient time they can. When customers want to do complaints, they want to immediately get a response from a business.

Chat technology that uses this robot can respond with fast and precise time. He seemed to talk to customers like heart to heart. So, when the response is quickly present, the customer’s time becomes more efficient.

Increase Customer Experience

What makes customers do repeat orders? One of them is their satisfied desire. Starting from getting qualified services to quality products. So, it can increase customer experience.

One of them is obtained from the response when customers complain. By using sophisticated chat technology, the response will be faced and given the right answer.

Save service costs

In addition to time and energy, costs are also a special concern for customers. If there are complaints that can be delivered with the Internet, they also prefer to do it. Especially if they can convey complaints through social media. Of course, it’s more fun.

Because there are cut costs. Because it gets proper and fast treatment, the cost is a sales value transaction.

Increase sales transactions

What, the most desirable by business people. Of course, the value of transactions from day to day is increasing. One way is to improve services such as responding to responses from customers. By using Chatbot, all complaints of customer complaints, as long as the right keywords are capable of it.

So, when it gets an interesting experience, it makes customers happy. So, being able to make transactions again and again.

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