What Is SEO OFF PAGE And Explanation

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What Is SEO OFF PAGE And Explanation

What Is SEO OFF PAGE And Explanation

Off-Page SEO is SEO optimization that is done outside of your website to have an impact on ranking on search engine results pages (SERP). In building Off-Page SEO there are two types of actions. First WhiteHat means taking safe (Natural) action against regulations issued by Google, and second BlackHat means taking off-page SEO development actions in a way that is quite dangerous for the website, because if you don’t understand and know the rules correctly that can create a site the web is subject to punishment by Google.

Various Ways You Can Do To Optimize Off-Page SEO, Namely :

Take advantage of Social Media

Social Media: is a medium for sharing various types of data, one of which is an article or article link. Make it a habit to share articles on various Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and others so users know about our website. Websites that always share their articles on various Social Media have a greater chance of being able to win keywords and of course indexed faster by Search Engines. Social Media helps our website become better known by users. One example is if our website has an article about “SEO” then we share that article to Social Media appropriately and according to group, it will speed up the website to establish good communication for the “SEO” group.

Make use of Backlinks

Backlink: is one of the Off-Page SEO that affects the level of PR (Page Rank), and the desired increase in keywords. The backlinks that we build must be good and not spam, because if our website violates the rules, our website will be penalized by the Google Search Engine (Panda – Penguin). Many ways to build Backlinks, such as Pyramid, Dummy Blog, Automatic, Social Bookmark, Edu-Gov, Web 2.0, Forum, Blog To Web (1 way), Blog To Blog (2 directions), Blog Walking, Review, Web Directory , Shippers, Advertisements, and other methods that are consistent with the analysis and calculations that have been made.

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Uploading Image

Share Image: re-upload images from related articles on the public image storage website, and provide information in the form of backlinks to the article. This method can help increase Backlinks and the number of website visitors. Another way is to provide a website Watermark link in the image. In building Off-Page SEO, clear objectives and analysis are needed. Use tools to complement each other’s needs in building Off-Page SEO techniques. Be sure not to overuse the BlackHat Software. Always monitor the development of Off-Page SEO correctly. Many easy ways to improve keywords by using a formula that is made by yourself, but still based on Google’s Search Engine algorithm.

Benefits of Doing Off-Page SEO

Google considers many factors outside the page when determining what ranking of your page search results. Links from other websites are one of them, but there are many more. Therefore, it is quite challenging to fight for your content so that you can compete on page one of Google. When you create content with On-Page SEO techniques, your page can now penetrate the front page. But a few months can go down if there is content that is considered better and fresher. Google’s algorithm which is also constantly changing makes your content uncertain always at the top. Many cases because the content is considered unable to adapt to the latest algorithm. For this reason Off-Page SEO plays a big role to help your content stay ahead. Factors such as relevance, level of trust, and authority of your website will play an important role. If the search engine algorithm considers your domain score to be very high then it will be difficult to be shifted by other content.

Factors That Influence Off-Page SEO

In general, here are some factors that affect SERPs that are carried out from outside your website:

Inbound Links

People often assume that talking about Off-Page SEO is a matter of backlinks. So it is often seen that Off-Page SEO is a backlink itself. Is that the problem? There is truth, but in fact this is more than just a link between websites. Backlinks are links that are on other websites that if clicked will lead to one of the pages of your website. Inbound links are the heart of Off-Page SEO. Incoming links play a very vital role to increase domain authority and page rank. No matter how good your On-Page SEO is, crawlers will have difficulty identifying the page value of your website if there are no links pointing to your website. Backlinks are what normal content writers do to direct website visitors to websites for certain keywords. You can say the number of backlinks as a result of voting to determine which content is most relevant for keywords.

Social Signals

Social media platforms are an important part of Off-Site SEO optimization to increase popularity. Search engines like Google and Bing store how much data your website talks about on social media. Social media itself is a good platform to increase brand presence and online. The more popular your website is and discussed, the more likely it is that your website will appear higher on SERP. Why is that? When viewed social media is currently the platform most visited by others on the internet. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are very helpful for getting traffic.

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If your writing can be viral on social media, it certainly helps increase traffic. Utilizing the size of social media users as a field of traffic is highly recommended rather than focusing on chasing traffic from Google search results. Now, social signals (or commonly called Impressions in digital marketing) like likes, comments, and shares will be documented by search engine algorithms. These results will be processed and calculated along with other indicators such as the age of the website, the performance of the website in search results, domain scores, number of backlinks, and others.

Online Reputation

After you build backlinks and increase popularity on social media, getting word of mouth traffic and reviews from visitors will increase your website’s ranking on SERP. This is arguably the way you build a brand for your website. More and more are called, known and found on the internet, it is believed the results will be directly proportional to the increase in your website visitors. The popularity of the website and brand value will be very important for search engine optimization. Websites with high popularity will be given a high score by Google.

Register your website on Google Business Manager, Facebook Pages, Instagram Pages, business directories and other channels so that your website is easier to find. A website with a good reputation will more easily rise to Google’s search results. So nowadays popular and well-known websites are easier to get into the top ranks if the On-Page SEO content is good. Don’t forget you also need the role of another person or website to increase your domain score. So get up and try to build relationships with fellow bloggers / webmasters or the media.