What Is Search Engine Marketing

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What Is Search Engine Marketing

What Is Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a marketing activity using paid advertisements that appear on search engines or search engines like Google.

Search Engine Marketing or commonly called SEM is one of the many methods in internet marketing. SEM, if used properly and properly, can help businesses thrive in the digital age that is increasingly competitive today.

Many businesses out there are competing to get the attention of audiences in the same niche, making competition in the online world very tight.

In this article, Meson Digital will discuss what Search Engine Marketing is, and how SEM can help your business grow.

Understanding and Examples of Search Engine Marketing

So what exactly is Search Engine Marketing? According to Searchengineland.com, in short Search Engine Marketing / SEM can be interpreted as “buying” traffic by paying for search engines like Google.

A marketer can bid on the keywords / keywords they want, with the hope that everyone who does a search with these keywords, will choose their website / ad.

There are various formats in Search Engine Marketing, including text formats, and PLAs (Product Listing Ads / Shopping ads) in the form of products, prices, reviews, and ratings that are visual.

Search Engine Marketing in text format typically uses Google Adwords, Bing, and Yahoo Gemini. Because the use of Google Adwords is very popular, we will discuss a little about Google Adwords.

  • About Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a very popular choice among other SEM methods.

What exactly is meant by Google Adwords? Actually, you must have seen Google Adwords ads often, but maybe you haven’t realized the terms or meaning of the word.

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To make it easier, we took the example of the Google Adwords ad image above with the keyword “selling used cars”. When someone searches for keywords with “selling used cars”, the website / advertisement of marketers who bid on these keywords will appear at the top.

Here comes the Pay Per Click (PPC) terms, which means a marketer will pay to Google every time his ad is clicked.

  • Determine the Ad Position / Ad Rank on Google Adwords

Maybe you are now wondering, how the bidding system on Google Adwords? How do you get your ad to get the top position, not the second, and so on?

The answer depends on many factors! The formula of Ad Rank / ad position is CPC Bid X Quality Score. Where CPC Bid is the budget that you have set for each click to your ad.

Quality score itself will be determined by Google, so it’s not always the marketers who put the highest budget that will appear in the top position. The quality of advertising itself has a big factor in determining ad position.

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Benefits of Search Engine Marketing for Business

Using Search Engine Marketing as a marketing tool in the online world in the right and right way can greatly help a business to develop.

  • Targeted Marketing

The biggest advantage of using SEM is that it provides an opportunity for a marketer to directly deliver the advertisements they want to an audience that they set themselves.

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In the example above, a marketer who wants to sell used cars only shows their ads to an audience who search for the keyword “Corona Virus Starts Spreading”.

The rest, you can also determine the demographics of the audience you want, such as their location and age.

  • Quickly Get / See Results

The process of creating and placing ads on Google Adwords is also quite fast, and you can see the results after your ads appear. SEM excels in speed when compared to SEO methods that take months or even years to produce results.

This method is perfect for those of you who are new to a website and want results in a short amount of time.

  • Can Adjust To Have A Budget

Another advantage of Search Engine Marketing is that you can install a budget according to your abilities and desires. When your budget is up, your ads will stop automatically.

Now, that’s a discussion about what Search Engine Marketing is and what it is for business. If done in the right and right way, surely it will produce good results.