What is Product / Market Fit?

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What is Product / Market Fit?

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Product/market fit is a concept that is common in the startup world. Although this concept has been widely applied among startups with high growth, this does not seem to be able to attract the attention of other business models.

This concept is interesting to understand, because it relates to the concept of emotions that are useful in interactions between businesses, products, and customers. Learning about product/market fit will help you see the world differently, have new ways to create value for consumers, and growth for your business.

What is Product / Market Fit?

This concept is new, so there are several overlapping definitions. So, we must start from the definition of Marc Andreesen, the first person who coined this term in his post “The Only Thing That Matters”. The definition is as follows:

“Product / Market Fit means being during a good market with a product which will satisfy that market”

The definition is indeed somewhat vague, but that is the beginning. What Andreesen said can give us a clearer picture related to what is product/market fit.

You can always feel when the product/market fit is not going well, for example when; consumers do not get value from your product, word of mouth does not spread well, the number of sales does not grow, gets bad reviews, the sales cycle is too long, and many agreements are not reached. Meanwhile, if some of these points work in reverse, then it can be said that your product/market fit is going well.

When Consumers Spread Your Product

Another definition related to product/market fit is found in the Principle of Product Design, by Josh Porter. According to Josh, the level of customer loyalty and love for your brand can be an indicator of product/market fit. This can be seen when consumers voluntarily promote your product.

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When consumers understand the value of your product well, this is a big advantage for you. When consumers are satisfied with a product, usually they will recommend the product to the closest person or share it on social media. When this condition occurs, you are witnessing a miracle. Your customers, miraculously, have turned into your marketing force.

How to Achieve Product / Market Fit?

After learning how important it is to achieve this condition, the biggest question that arises is “how?” Here is another idea from product/market fit expert Marc Andreesen.

Do whatever is needed to achieve product/market fit. Including changing employees, reviewing your product, moving to a different market, and other necessary things. All of these efforts make sense and do need to be done if you want to achieve product/market fit. Some big companies like Instagram and Twitter also changed radically from their original plan to achieve product/market fit.

So, when your product/market fit isn’t going well (as explained above), maybe this is the time for you to do a massive evaluation and change many aspects of your business. This step is indeed risky, but you will never know what is waiting there. Which would you choose, go ahead and dare to take risks or keep quiet and wait for your business to die?

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