What is Marketing Automation and How Is It Implemented

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What is Marketing Automation and How Is It Implemented?

What is Marketing Automation and How Is It Implemented

Have you ever thought about running automated marketing? You just sit there, and the marketing process will take care of itself. You don’t have to send multiple emails to your audience, create new blog posts, post on social media, and so on.

Luckily there is a solution for this. A solution that not only makes the marketing process automatic, it also makes it more effective. What is the solution? Marketing automation!

What is Marketing Automation?

Simply put, marketing automation refers to software that automates your marketing. This software is designed to help you prioritize and carry out your marketing tasks in an easier, more efficient and automated way.

Before going too far, have a look at some of the studies on marketing automation and its effectiveness. Here are the two main points:

  • The returns do not match the investment: Marketers see that marketing automation often does not provide returns that are comparable to the investment that is spent.
  • Those who buy rarely use all the features it provides: Most who invest in marketing automation buy more than they use – they are overwhelmed by complexity, never set up properly, and never take advantage of the advantages that marketing automation has.

What to Expect from Marketing Automation

Something that is usually desired from marketing automation is marketing that is highly personalized and automated just like Amazon.com. Marketers usually want marketing automation to be able to manage the data provided by leads, then use that data as a basis for creating the right content, the right interaction, and the right time of publication.

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Marketing automation is expected to be able to make your customer transaction process faster and simpler. Meanwhile, you as a seller can implement a more efficient (fast and cheap) transaction process to result in better conversions.

Marketing Automation, How Reality?

David Raab, founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute (CDPI), once wrote on his blog that many marketers think that marketing automation is relatively ineffective in helping achieve desired results. Conversely, inbound marketing such as blogging and SEO can provide a higher ROI.

Then why are so many marketers facing this problem? Many of them are wrong. Marketing automation is ideally done when you already have an adequate sales funnel and have many customers. So, if the number of consumers or your email list is not that large, you should postpone your desire to use marketing automation.

Raab also analyzes data about which features are frequently used. Many marketers only use the email functionality of the marketing automation platform. Many marketers think that the required preparation and training is not worth the results. They are more likely to use channels that are known to be effective, such as social media, blogs, and SEO.

So, is marketing automation worth using?

Of course. Seeing the description above, marketing automation is less effective because many marketers cannot make good use of its potential, have difficulty setting it up, or because there are not too many consumers.

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