What is HRD? This is understanding, function, duty, and difference with personnel

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What is HRD? This is understanding, function, duty, and difference with personnel

What is HRD This is understanding function duty and difference with personnel

What is HRD? Basically, HRD is the extension of the Human Resource Department in a company that has the responsibility to be able to manage human resources contained in the company.

The form of resource management is from Planning HR, recruitment, development, performance management, determination of salary or compensation value, to improve work relationships.

Some other opinions have said that HRD is a series of activities that exist in a company and carried out organized with a certain time to be able to improve the quality of employment and employee skills.

That means, HRD is a unit contained in the company to be able to handle things that exist within the scope of employees, workers, managers, employees, or other workers to support their activities within the company to achieve company goals.

What is the HRD function?

Based on the above understanding, basically this unit has a function in dealing with all things related to human resources in a company. In the process of implementation, the function of this HRD is divided into two parts, namely external functions and internal functions.

1. Internal function

The internal function of HRD in general is to plan human resources, recruitment, employee orientation, human resource development, performance management, determine salaries or compensation, to improve employee work relationships.

In addition, HRD also has responsibility in the case of procuring a training activity on human resources so that it can work in accordance with what the company has expected.

2. External function

While the external function of HRD is providing counseling services outside the company for workers. In its implementation, it certainly must pay attention to the level of ability and also the willingness of the parties participating in the counseling.

HR Duties and Responsibilities

Tasks and also HRD responsibilities in each company vary, depending on the scale of the company’s business, the number of HR, and various other things needed by the company. Well, according to the understanding of HRD above, here are some assignments and responsibilities of the HRD unit

1. Preparation and selection

  • Preparation of HR (Preparation)

In preparing, the HRD must be able to pay attention to all internal factors and the company’s external factors. In this HL, the internal factors include the preparation of the needs of the number of HR, organizational structures, etc.

Whereas for external factors it includes all employment regulations, maintaining the share of labor, and so on.

  • HR Recruitment (Recruitment)

Recruitment is a process of looking for prospective employees to be able to fill human resource needs in the company. In the recruitment process, the HRD must be able to carry out various position analysis and also explain job descriptions and also see the specifications of the work.

  • Selection Selection (Selection)

Selection is a process of selecting employees who have applied for the company to be able to find the most appropriate employees. In this process, the HRD must pay attention to CV or Curriculum Vitae, conduct interviews and psychological tests, job interviews, and various other processes.

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2. Development and evaluation

Employee development and evaluation is very important to do, the goal is that every employee be able to contribute to the maximum of the company. In this process, every employee will be given a debriefing to be able to master its field and be able to improve its performance.

3. Provision of compensation and protection

Compensation is giving salary or rewards to employees for its contribution to the company. This compensation can be done regularly by the company. However, it must be done in accordance with the condition of the workforce in the external environment so that later it does not result in employment problems or can harm the company.

4. Performance and evaluation management

Another function of HRD is to be able to ensure that each employee works productively and is also conducive. This function will be fulfilled by carrying out performance management.

A good performance management will be able to involve a good leadership figure, determination of clearer goals, and also more open feedback.

5. Employee Development

As we discussed before, another function of HRD is to develop employees. This development will be able to afford the employees of the ability they need in the future.

The function of this HRD is also capable of bridging the gaps that exist in today’s workforce and also the necessary workforce in the near future.

Generally, this employee development program is made based on the results of performance evaluations. But some companies also have a program that is indeed made specifically to develop employee capabilities and is done regularly.


6. Career planning

The next function of HRD is planning a career, carry out coaching, and also develop employees. In general, this function is commonly referred to as Career Pathing.

HRD has a function to show employees how personal ambitions of employees can continue to be in harmony or in accordance with the vision and also the mission of the company by involving and maintaining them.

This function is able to provide great benefits for the company, starting from better purpose planning, increasing productivity, and stronger employer branding.

7. Team formation for company projects

Because the HRD unit is a unit that is considered the most understanding of the nature and also the character of its workers, it is not surprising if a project, the HRD party must be responsible for being able to form the team.

So, it can be said that the success of a project produced by a team cannot be separated from the role of HRD as a party that forms the team.

8. Maintain solidarity of all employees

A good team cooperation is able to provide more maximum results and will be in accordance with the aim of the company. This can only be realized with a more comfortable and conducive work atmosphere.

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For this reason, as the party that best understands employees, HRD has a task in maintaining the solidarity of each employee.

Although this looks easy, but the reality becomes very difficult to do, because every human being has different characters and characters.

So, what is the difference between HRD and Personnel?

Even though these two things appear to be interrelated, most people consider both the same. In fact, HRD and personnel are two different things, both in terms of responsibility and their functions.

So, Personnel is a series of activities in managing HR for various affairs related to administrative tasks. In addition, personnel are also in charge of regulating industrial relations between companies and their employees.

If HRD is a more acquired job with employees, then personnel are more functioning to carry out responsibilities related to employee database, payroll, and various other benefits payments, such as employee loans, attendance, annual leave recording, and filing documents.

Basically, this personnel understand is the initial base of human relations.

So, in the beginning, the need for a special part of the existence of special parts that serve increasing employee needs, such as salary problems, leave, presence, and also other administrations.

At that time, they were also better known as employees of employees. From this matter, Personnel work is born that until now still relates to everything that is administrative.

Personnel Duties and Responsibilities

The following are some of the assignments and responsibilities of personnel:

  • Coordinated workforce receipts with Labor Supply
  • Socialize and coordinate.
  • Prepare an agreement or work contract with new employees.
  • Prepare for employee attendance
  • Prepare internal letters and external letters
  • Update or update employee data

Based on these points, it can be concluded that the location of the difference between HRD and Personnel is in the scope of work in both.

Personnel will be more likely to be in the administrative area that supports the implementation of the function of HRD. Without the presence of personnel, the function of HRD will be difficult because both have interconnected aspects.


Well, right now you should understand and understand what HRD is. So, HRD is one of the units in the department or division in the company, and Personnel is a series of activities in managing HR for various affairs related to the administrative company.

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