What is Growth Hacking and How Can You Implement It?

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What is Growth Hacking and How Can You Implement It?

What is Growth Hacking and How Can You Implement It

The term grow hack was popularized by Sean Ellis in 2010, which means a process that involves all the elements of marketing, product development, sales segmentation, and other business elements needed to focus on growing a business in a short time. The strategy used is usually able to provide fast results and minimal expenses.

Growth hacking is usually managed by growth hackers, they are people in hybrid positions and are required to have an understanding in several fields, such as marketing, product design, and programming/engineering at the same time (although not in-depth).

Why Do You Need Growth Hacking?

One of the strengths of growth hacking lies in the tendency to use cheap marketing channels, such as social media, viral marketing, or targeted ads. Some of these channels have enormous growth potential at relatively low costs, making them popular with startups.

Sales Funnel Growth Hacking

Many growth hackers use the AAARR sales funnel, what is it?


Suppose you have a website. After various marketing efforts, you have succeeded in encouraging your audience to visit your website. These are the people who usually come from your ad or organic search. In other words, they are looking for something that is yours.


Then, the audience starts looking for and reading the content and promotions that you display on the website. At this stage, first impressions are everything. Make sure you serve content that is relevant (to those coming from organic search), and according to what you promised in the ad (for those coming from paid advertising). Apart from content, you also need to pay attention to many other things, such as UI and UX. No matter how good the quality of your content, poor website appearance and navigation can make your audience uncomfortable and leave your website. The key, give a memorable first impression.

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This is the stage where your audience is willing to visit your website again in the future. In other words, they are satisfied with the first impression you make. In this stage, they will usually be willing to subscribe to the newsletter or become a member of you. This means you can send updates and promotions about your product or service.


This is a condition when your current audience, whether they have subscribed to the newsletter or not, recommends your website to others. Whether you realize it or not, those who promote your website have become part of your marketing. Plus, most people tend to trust the recommendations of their closest people more in choosing a product or service. In other words, you already have a good reputation with potential new customers.


This is the money that you make from the products or services you sell. If the previous four stages work well and keep repeating, the benefits you get will also be even greater.

Each stage of the sales funnel growth hacking must be analyzed. Apply A / B testing to find out which strategies are performing well and which are not. If the results are not as expected, it doesn’t hurt to try other alternative strategies.

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