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Mid band 5G is in the 2 10GHz range. That covers most present mobile and Wi Fi frequencies, as well as frequencies a little above those. These networks have decent range from their towers, often about half of 1 mile, so in most other countries, these are the workhorse networks wearing most 5G site visitors. Most other nations have offered around 100MHz to each in their carriers for mid band 5G. Here in the US, New T Mobile will use Sprint’s spectrum for a mid band community, using up to 120MHz per city.

ATandT and Verizon will shave off little bits in their 4G spectrum using DSS for mid band 5G, 10MHz here and 10 there. High bands have been used before for backhaul, connecting base stations to remote information superhighway links. But they have not been used for customer instruments before, as the handheld processing power and miniaturized antennas were not available. Millimeter wave alerts also drop off faster with distance than lower frequency signals do, and the big amount of data they move would require more connections to landline information superhighway. So cellular providers will must use many smaller, lower power base stations generally outputting 2 10 watts instead of fewer, more helpful macrocells which output 20 40 watts to provide the multi gigabit speeds that millimeter wave networks promise. Because of the very fast drop off, the waves are quite weak after they get to you.


But the most self condemning thing concerning the mutable 5G conspiracists is that they don’t care about any of these particulars. A general petition in the UK claimed that 5G runs at “60 megahertz” and is “sucking all the oxygen out of the air. ” It got greater than 114,000 signatures on change. org before being deleted. 60 megahertz is way not up to any wireless community frequency; they could mean 60GHz, but no 5G network is using that, either.

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As for the oxygen, well, there is a community of pseudo scientists with levels in such things as “natural health” who are claiming every kind of finished nonsense on YouTube.