What is Endorse? This is understanding and the advantages of the endorse

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What is Endorse? This is understanding and the advantages of the endorse

What is Endorse This is understanding and the advantages of the endorse

In an age full of digitization like today, endorse activities are not difficult for us to meet. This activity is often carried out by almost all artists or selebgram accounts on social media. They do promotions for various kinds of goods and services products. However, what is Endorse?

This endorse activity can be carried out openly wrapped in the caption containing persuasive sentences. But, there are also many companies or brands asking artists to carry out endorse activities in nature or often called Soft Selling. They use the power of the artist or celebrity to carry out promotional activities.

Actually, what is Endorse?

So, what is the endorsement, and what is the application? So, the endors are absorbed from English which means support, approval, or approval for everything. In the practice of implementation.

This endorsement activity is part of advertising promotion activities that utilize other parties to support and also market a product of goods or services, which includes being part of Digital Marketing.

This activity is increasingly crowded in line with the development of social media technology in digital times like today. There have been many sellers who choose endorsement activities as a form of promotional activities so that the goods products or services are in demand on the market.

What’s more, this activity also does not require a lot of time, costs, and other regulations, but the results will greatly affect sales activities.

This endorsement activity is also not complicated. Both the sellers and parties who do the endorse can also carry out transaction activities with short messages or even the Direct Message feature that is on social media itself. After approving the rules made by the artist, the seller only has to send a photo or video and the caption you want to display in the artist’s post.

The level of effectiveness of endorsement activities is also considered better when compared to various other promotions, especially when compared to ordinary traditional activities such as flyer installation or distributing leaflets.

So, it is seen based on this practice, there are several types of endorsement that are usually carried out by artists and celebrities, namely those who are not bound to a brand or certain products and become brand ambassadors. Both of them certainly have advantages and their shortcomings.

How this endorsement activity works is generally almost similar to the division of advertising leaflets or through flyers. The difference is the platform used in this endorsement is social media.

This is done because this social media user in Indonesia is relatively high, for this, endorsement has its effectiveness because more people see it will be better.

Objective of Endorsement

Each manufacturer or businessman certainly has its purpose why should endorsement for promotional activities. But in essence, the main purpose they do in the end is to increase sales on its products.

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Another benefit of carrying out advertising activities through endorses is product introduction, branding, to gain the trust of prospective consumers because it uses the artist’s name.

Those who do promotions through endorsement are not only from large companies because small business owners can also do endorsements easily to increase their sales.

Who can endorse?

Indeed, all businessmen are free to determine who they will use for endorse activities. But, of course, they will have a lot of considerations that must be considered if this endorsement activity wants to go successful. For that, if you are one of the business people who want to endorsement, then there are some important things you have to pay attention to, namely:

Number of followers

The number of followers will certainly have a big impact on the number of viewers on social media. So, if you do an endorsement with an artist or selebgram which is one million, there is a possibility that your ad will be seen by one million people.

Engagement Rate

The fact that the field proves that not all artist followers or celebrities want to see the product or service you are advertising. Because the algorithm of a post on social media cannot be determined by the number of followers but through the Engagement Rate.


So, the Engagement Rate is a percentage value between the number of followers who actively interact with social media accounts with the total number of followers.

The higher the engagement rate, the greater the opportunity for your ad to be seen by many people. For that, before you promote your product to the artist or celebrity, it’s a good idea to ask first regarding the engagement of his account.

In addition, the Engagement Rate can also save you from the number of accounts that followers fake, false, or passive. Because some many meanings or celebrities buy followers to increase the price of endorsement.

Representative figure

You also have to pay attention to the figure you will endorse. Those who deserve to be in Endorse are those that are following your product share. To find out this, you can see from the intensity of the post presented by the account owner.

So, if for example you have a makeup product and want to do an endorsement, then choose an artist or selebgram account that has a connection to make up products.

Because the owner of the artist or selebgram account has a connection to makeup, it is almost certain to followers they also have linkages to the same thing. So, the endorsed activities you make will be on target.

You cannot get these results on the owner of an artist or selebgram account that likes automotive, because it is likely to follow the following followers or not interested in your product.

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In addition, you also have to pay attention to the average age and sex of the artist or selebgram followers that you will use. Because this will also affect the prefixing of the promotion you will do.


If you have considered this, then the next thing you have to consider is the price. Every artist or selebgram certainly has different price rates. Usually, artists or celebrities that have high engagement rates will set a higher price. From this, you must adjust the budget and also the desire you will achieve

Advantages of promotion by endorse

After we discuss the definition of endorse, we must know the advantages of this marketing method, the following are the advantages of advertising using the method of endorse.

1. Promotional Promotion activities

As we have discussed, that every artist account or a famous person usually has followers who always pay attention to their activities. In addition, various personalities are often uploaded to social media to become the consumption of society.

2. Save marketing costs

Besides being effective, marketing activities using endorsement are also usually more economical. That is, the funds incurred will be far more economical and will have a big impact rather than using other media such as TV, or radio.

3. Increase sales and number of followers

Most artists must have many fans who follow the style and also use any product used by the artist. When you want to post a beauty product, it is almost certain to be a lot of followers from these artists who want to use the product as used by the artist, and this will certainly make your product sell well.


So the conclusion, what is the endorsement? Endorse is part of advertising promotional activities that utilize other parties to support and market a product of goods or services, which also includes part of Digital Marketing.

You cannot determine the artist or celebrity that you want to endorse just by paying attention to the number of followers. Because those who have a small number of followers sometimes have a higher engagement rate and are more suitable for advertising products than those who have many followers.

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