What is business communication? Following understanding, techniques, and purpose

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What is business communication? Following understanding, techniques, and purpose

What is business communication Following understanding techniques and purpose

A business can run well if it has a good business communication system. In a company, clear communication must be applied between employees, managers, business leaders to business customers. If it is not run correctly, it can cause chaos in the business to Loss Sales.

A brief description of communication in business

It can be said that this type of communication is very important for the company because it can determine the smooth running of a business running. Business communication is an action where an exchange of opinions, information, instructions etc. can be delivered in various ways. In general, communication is done for certain purposes both related to the needs of the company or business.

Business communication goals

Basically communication in business has the main objective as a provider, persuasion, collaboration to integration. For more details, here is an explanation of each purpose of a communication in the business world:

1. Provide information

One of the main objectives in business communication is to provide information related to a business to other parties with certain objectives.

The form of communication can be electronic mail, advertising and through the company website. With a rapidly growing digital world, most companies use the media as a tool to deliver an information.

One example of this form or type of communication is a notification to employees to work WFH. A company decided to provide illegal workers by working at home during Corona. In order for this information to be conveyed to all company employees, it can be sent to the email of all employees.

2. Engineering persuasion

Furthermore, the purpose of a communication in business is to do persuasion or influence other parties.

Persuasion is influencing or convincing other parties to agree or agree with the desired by the company. Usually this is done by Procurement when you want to buy an item. However, when you want a cheap price, the company must buy a certain minimum number.

3. Cooperation

A good business communication also aims to make good cooperation with other parties both in the form of individuals or companies.

At present, the cooperation process can be done for the purpose of corporate development and to increase sales. Just as before, the tools most often used for this purpose are email, video calls and the internet.

4. Integration

Often the problems that occur in a company are due to the existence of MISS communication between one party and the other. This is because communication is not smooth so that the information received is only partially.

Therefore, communication aims to integrate all information into one that makes information clearer and understood by other parties.

Various communication techniques in the business world

After knowing the purpose of a communication in business, it is also important to know how and the techniques of its application. Because when a company can implement the right communication system, it will have a positive impact. Therefore, be sure to find out the type of engineering in a business communication, such as:

1. Verbal technique

The first technique used in a communication is a verbal technique. This type of technique uses verbal language to deliver information directly to others. Although the method of delivery can use several media such as telephone or video calls, but this technique is very effective.

However, one of the things that needs to be considered in carrying out techniques is a tone of volatility and how to deliver it. Because other people cannot read what is said, then make sure to convey information with not too fast and with a clear voice.

Verbal communication is used to discuss ideas, express opinions, deliver orders and persuade listeners.

An effective verbal communicator must clearly delete the message they want to convey and willing to listen to conflicting arguments. Verbal communication also involves preparation to support arguments with a real example.

It is important to maintain good voice when communicating face to face and by telephone.

Here are some business settings that require verbal communication:

  • Meeting
  • Conference call.
  • Project discussion.
  • Business proposal.
  • Presentation.

2. Non-verbal techniques

The most widely used types of techniques in everyday life in a business are non-verbal techniques. Often people do not realize that body movements can show a communication that is not directly conveyed to other parties.

So, the use of body language or body gesture in communication is also very important to note, especially if dealing with superiors.

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Statistical data shows the importance of non-verbal communication when interacting with business partners. The general aspect of non-verbal communication is body language.

Communicating using body language including movement, eye contact and posture, these three things are important aspects of non-verbal communication.

Involving eye contact shows that you are interested in what is said and listening attentively. However, the balance must be achieved in connection with eye contact because too many eye contact can be considered as a sign of aggression and too few eye contact can be considered a sign not interested.

There are several non-verbal cues when communicating, including the following:

  • Leaning forward, ignoring the interference, and nodding slowly is a sign of paying attention.
  • Crossing the arm, using a physical barrier and looked around as if looking for escape showing a defensive approach.
  • A smile, stable breathing and not frowning is a sign that the person is relaxed.

3. Written communication

Written communication is one of the many used communication techniques in the company to deliver an information. If the company used to use a physical letter, currently the letter is also still sent using e-mail. This is to prove that the company has sent information either electronically and manually.

Similar to verbal techniques, the language used in conveying information must be in accordance with the recipient. But the difference in this case, the company does not deliver the desired directly but with writing techniques. Therefore, make sure to use a clear language and it is easy to understand by others.

The following things must be considered when communicating in writing:

  • Audience – Think about who will read your email before you send it. Knowing your audience will help you adjust the tone so that your message is delivered in the most effective way.
  • Formalities – The level of formality will be changed according to your audience and the type of written communication. For example, business letters will be written in a more formal tone than email. You can use the title and formatting to change the formality of written communication.
  • Style – Your written communication style will depend on the method you are using. For example, email must be as short as possible.

How to deliver proper business communication

Every business communication technique has the advantages and disadvantages of each. These advantages and disadvantages can arise when used in conditions properly. Be sure to choose the correct technique and method when you want to do a communication.


The following are some effective communication techniques for conveying your message professionally:

One by One or individually

Your individual team members have different personalities and, therefore, some people may be more comfortable discussing problems personally.

This communication technique is best when lifting sensitive topics because this will prevent shame. It is not always possible to talk to your team members on the basis of one by one because, for legal reasons, some problems may require HR representative involvement.


Visual communication may be more effective for some of your employees. Presentations help to communicate your message in a visual way. Using the presentation also provides an opportunity to make your message as short as possible to prevent excessive information.


Business training can be delivered in various formats. Training can be provided directly or use electronic methods. Whatever it is, training is an important aspect of communicating your company’s ideas and expectations. You must try to make training as attractive as possible to increase the likelihood of your employees to store information.

Tim meeting

Team meetings are an effective way to convey your message and listen to what your team says. Team meetings can only be effective when participants are encouraged to be open and honest. As the owner and business manager, you must lead and set steps in meeting your team to promote a culture of openness.

Things that need to be considered in business communication

Some things that need to be considered in doing business communication below will help you lead with authority so that people will follow your direction:

Confident and serious

Communicate with surely instills confidence in others. It is difficult for others to receive your message if your communication is not serious and uncertain.

Avoid questions and use statements

It might look more diplomatic to ask questions, however, there are a few examples when you need to direct your team. Using words “Will you?” Allows your team members to say “no” and then give reasons. To avoid this situation, use a direction, like “I want you.”

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Be friendly

Even though you need to describe a professional image that confirms your authority, you can still maintain a friendly approach when communicating. Adopt friendly tones in written communication and face to face because they are polite to make it easier for you to get the best of your team.

Simple touches in written communication, such as “I hope you enjoy your weekend” works very well to build a positive business relationship.

Use simplicity

Communicate using clear and simple words to avoid misunderstandings. Use words that everyone can understand so there is no room for confusion.

Enter complex words when communicating is not effective because you might have to spend time explaining what you mean. Or, listeners may not ask for clarification and go feeling confused.

Include deadlines

Communicate without giving a concrete deadline to complete the task will cause your team to add your request to the bottom of the list of tasks they must do. Give your team’s deadline to emphasize that your request must be a priority.

The deadline adds a sense of urgency in your communication, which means you can request your team accountability if the deadline is missed.

Listen to your team

Effective communication includes listening and speaking. Even though your message is important, you also have to show that you appreciate the opinion of your entire team by always ready to listen. Try to actively listen to others.

Listen actively involves paying attention carefully what you are conveying and asking questions to explain if necessary.

Stay open minded

This communication technique is a continuation of listening. Open-minded when communicating means you are willing to understand someone’s point of view, even if you have formed the ideas formed before. For more productive conversations, you must adopt a flexible communication approach when you disagree with someone.

Repeat important information

Your team is flooded with information every day. Effective communication techniques are repeating your request. This technique is very important when there is a pushback against what you requested.

For example, your team members may believe that demand to produce reports is not urgent and offers reasons for this belief.

In this scenario, show that you have listened to the reason your employees and repeat that the report still remains an urgent priority. This approach shows that you have listened, however, your position still remains the same.


Seeing developments and changes that continue to occur, then be sure to have proper and effective business communication. This aims to prevent the occurrence of mis communication between internal and external business. Therefore, it is, to ensure that a communication has been running correctly, then evaluate communication to all business components.

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