What is Business Architecture? – The Open Group Blog

A variety of feedback jumped out at me. One example came from a Business Architect in a government department. The reason it stood out was very simple. Many times I am told that Business Architecture only applies to commercial enterprise and cannot apply to governments or non revenue. Which is extraordinary to me, since I lead a non profit and when I was at business school, part time for sure, a good share of my classmates were from the public sector.

The comment was in accordance with the query: who do you report back to?The answer was, “we report to the Secretary but all reporting lines are company focused”. Great to see your interest in this topic Allen!Please note that a good Business Architect also can broaden the whys similar to stakeholder value drivers and differentiation. You want to realize that anybody in a company, especially the vendor types, can entitle themselves as a Business Architect. You do realize Alan that most folk change their exterior facing title with anything is presently fashionable. As delightful as your ad hoc sample seems, it is a little flawed and we not consider an individual for your place would assert this rhetoric.