What is Branding? Heidi Cohen

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Consistency and emotion are totally interrelated. A solid, constant branding effort turns into like a safety blanket for the consumers. They know precisely what to expect every time they interact with that manufacturer. When a company changes their logo, even just tweaking it a bit, people go crazy!“Why did you change it!?” In truth, it’s just a picture, but to the client, you could possibly as well have ripped their safety blanket out from under them and replaced it with something completely different.

There is such an emotional connection to the old logo that it takes ages for folk to remember that their old security blanket and new blanket are actually the same thing. It’s consistency and a effortlessly dependent attractiveness it truly is capable of carry the buyers over the uncertainty of the change to a new point of acceptance. The power that a good brand has over people is absolutely awesome!Branding is ready being constant on your message and image. If you don’t stay consistent and messages don’t look an identical, people won’t remember you. What if you changed your body periodically – I mean, really modified your body.

You say, “Today, I think I’ll be Asian” – but the day before today, you were Caucasian. How do you expect anyone to bear in mind who you are when they see you in the street?It’s a similar idea. When you set out your advertising and marketing pieces, you want to create an identical appear and feel in order that people bear in mind you. And you want that identical look and feel on every thing you place out.

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