What is Branding? Following the meaning and difference with marketing

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What is Branding? Following the meaning and difference with marketing

What is Branding Following the meaning and difference with marketing

In every business, every company definitely requires marketing to market a product. In addition, the company also requires branding so that a product can be attached to the minds of consumers. Because of this, some people who do not understand business, assume that branding and marketing have the same meaning. Actually what is branding?

Easy, branding is the name of a business that is run by the company. While marketing is a strategy for building a business brand name. Want to get to know a complete branding? Or want to know the difference in branding with marketing? Come on, see the following complete explanation.

Know more about the branding

The term branding comes from the word brand that means brand. So, what is the branding done by the company in running a business? Branding is an imaging so that a product can be attractive and attached to the minds of consumers. It could be said that branding can be interpreted as a form of corporate communication with consumers who are targeted.

The main objective of a branding is to introduce the company’s brand. In addition, Branding also aims to build a positive image and reputation of the company to always be good in the eyes of consumers. The imaging carried out by this company can build consumer confidence in the company.

Easy understanding, what branding can be seen from a name, logo, and slogan a company attached to the minds of consumers. It can be said that branding tends to always attract consumers to return to a product marketed by the company. Generally, branding is carried out by new companies whose names are not too well known to the public.

The aim is not another is to introduce the company’s products and get as many consumers as possible. If the company has a good brand, then the company will be easy to sell products. So, companies can get many advantages. One of them is getting a lot of income.

Branding function in a business

In a business that is run by the company, branding activities are needed. This is because branding has many functions in a business. Here is a full review.

1. As a differentiator

The branding function in a business is the first is as a differentiator. Every product that has a strong brand, then consumers will be easy to distinguish them with other company brands. In addition, branding can also provide a marker and characteristic of a product. So, the company’s products can always be remembered by consumers.

2. For promotions and attraction

If a product has a strong and famous brand, it will be an attraction for consumers. So, the product will be easier to be promoted to the community. In this case, the function of what branding is very important for the business of a company.

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3. Building a company image

Another function of branding is to build the company’s image. If a company has a good image, the product from the company will be easily known by others. A good image can also show that the quality of the product from the company does not need to be doubted.

4. Market Controller Tool

After branding activities are carried out, the company’s products will have a known name. Of course, this will make it easier for companies to control the market. This market control can be done because the wider community already knows and remembers the company’s products well.

5. To affect consumer psychology

The last function of branding in business is to influence consumer psychology. If a product already has a strong brand, then consumers will believe and consider the company professionals. This is clearly different from products that do not have a brand. Consumers will clearly look at one eye because they lack believe.

Briefly know marketing

Before knowing the difference in marketing and branding, you should first recognize what marketing is. Marketing comes from the word market with the meaning of the market. Marketing is a marketing activity to form corporate and consumer relationships. Establishing corporate and consumer relationships can be done through advertising, selling products, or creating products according to market desires.

Marketing is clearly different from branding. More branding to activity to introduce the brand of a product. But marketing focuses on selling a company’s product. You could say that the main marketing goal is to increase the value of the sale of a product.

One of the marketing strategies that is quite popular is email marketing that is proven to increase the audience’s range and also increase sales.

Difference in branding with marketing

In a business that is run by the company, branding and marketing have close relationships. Even so, this branding and marketing are clearly very different. The most visible difference from branding and marketing is on the grace time of implementation.

To build a brand that can be known to the wider community, it takes a long time. Based on this, it is very clear that this branding is the face of an important company for a business. This is clearly different from marketing that can be done in a fast time.

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Easy difference, branding is a way to introduce the company. Whereas marketing is a variety of ways made by the company so that the products sell well.

If branding is a trick to attract consumer interest, then marketing will complete it using all the necessary ways, including the branding itself. Although different, branding is part of marketing within a wider range.

Building a company branding is not an easy thing. It takes time and a long process so that the company brand can be known by the wider community. Companies that do branding well, the company will automatically get loyalty from consumers.


Thus the full explanation is related to what branding and difference with marketing. Although branding and marketing are very closely related in a business, both are different things. Branding and Marketing are a unit. The close relationship of branding and marketing makes them a powerful tool in a business.

Other important things that must be in business other than branding and marketing are bookkeeping. Because without good and correct bookkeeping, you will not be able to develop business optimally. This is because you don’t have factual data on your business finances.

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