What is branding and why is it important for your business?

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What is branding and why is it important for your business?

What is branding and why is it important for your business

What do you think when you see pictures of apples that are not perfect due to bite? Of course, it’s an Apple.Ic logo. Companies that make superior products such as iPhone, MacBook and Mac OS. When you see a logo and you triggered given a brand, it could be said that the branding of the company was successful. However, what is branding?

What is Branding?

Branding is the process of assigning characteristics and property in and beyond the offer to provide generic offers of an identity that helps to be recognized and distinguished on the market.

Three points that must be considered in this branding definition are –

  • Set characteristics and property inside and beyond the offer: Although the characteristics and properties are specific to offers, they are not limited to in the offer. Facebook posts by the company also represent the brand.
  • To provide an identity: the main purpose of branding is to provide identity to generic products. His identity is very similar to humans; By name, sound, tone of voice, color, and sometimes even sounds.
  • To make it recognized and make a difference: another branding role is to be unique. Unique branding produces products better known and distinguished in a collection of competitions.

Branding elements

Branding is not limited to names and logos only. This is a combination of characteristics and property that has an effect on almost all of our senses to produce uniform experiences every time we make contact with it.

Branding consists of several countless elements including –

  • Name: the name we use to identify products.
  • Logo: Symbols or other designs adopted by business to identify their brands.
  • Color: Most of the color is used by business in marketing messages to describe or equip brands.
  • Vision: target group or destination behind a brand that helps guide its activities and future.
  • Message: The brand value proposition is delivered through the brand personality to set the brand position.
  • Shape: either different forms of offerings or packaging forms.
  • Aroma: different aroma experienced by users before, during, or after he uses the offer.
  • Image: Uniform and different aesthetics used in marketing messages.
  • Sound: The sound used in marketing messages to strengthen your brand’s identity.

Type-type branding

Branding is not limited to products. Today we witness many organizations, products, services, places and even people. Here are 4 types of brand recognition you must know –

Product branding

Product branding is one type of forming the most common identity where offering is given identity and personality to make it can be identified and distinguished on the market. Even though it’s called product branding, it’s not limited to existing products. Product recognition refers to branding from any offer both products or services.

An example of forming an effective product brand is like we discussed him early, Apple.Inc.

Another example of branding products when it comes to services is game of thrones. Similar to tangible branded products, this TV show has its own identity, characteristics and property that distinguishes it from others.

Personal Branding

Personal branding or imaging is very common among politicians, celebrities, athletes, and other people who have special followers. This type of imaging makes it easy for these people to make pictures for themselves among their followers.

This brand image not only helps them in creating new business opportunities for themselves but also benefit brands related to them.

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Michael Jordan is the perfect example of imaging, because followers have the segment, not only can benefit himself by launching his own clothing line but also benefit Nike who partnered with him to launch the same.

Corporate Branding

Organizational imaging is as important as branding offers. Corporate Branding provides an identity to supply providers and opens new opportunities for him to expand its offer portfolio easily.

Corporate Branding is also very important in recruitment because employees always want to work with companies with known brands.

Pepsico is a good example of building a company’s identity. The company has several product lines in its product mix including Frito-Lay, Pepsi, Pepsi diet, Mountain Dew, Lay’s, Gatorade, Tropicana, etc. Everything is owned and operated by the parent brand – Pepsico.

Geographical branding

Geographical or regional branding is often used by the tourism industry that makes brands from geographical locations by assigning certain characteristics and experiences to attract more visitors.

For example, Bali as the perfect destination to visit if you want to go to a beautiful island coated with warm beaches, white sand and fertile green flora. This area is also marketed as the only place to see the Ngaben ceremony, or enjoy the beautiful sunset in the beach.

Branding example

There is a high probability that you read this article on branded devices, wear branded clothes, and live in branded areas. We agree that the brand is everywhere. You as a person is also a brand.

But what makes the brand great? What separates a good brand from a bad one?

Well, here are three examples to help you understand the concept of building a brand image even more.


With the estimated brand value of $ 73.1 billion, Coca-Cola is one of the most valuable brands in the world. The company uses the process of building identity very well so that the word coca-cola is the second most understood word in the world, after the word ok.

The company starts with product branding by naming its coca-cola soda, giving it a unique flavor, color, bottled form, and ultimately changing products into product experience and branding into a company’s identity.


McDonald’s not only stand out with the logo but also with other characteristics such as Ronald McDonald’s mascot, sound branding, the same store design throughout the world, and the uniformity of the services provided in these shops.


If the ‘i’ prefix to any generic category, the possibility of people will think of it as an Apple product. That’s the strategy to form a tremendous brand from Apple. The company has positioned itself as a premium brand that comes with high standards and has a minimalist marketing approach.

The importance of branding

Brand is the total amount of how a person views a particular organization. Branding forms the perception. – Ashley Freidlin, CEO & Founder Guild

Someone should not ignore the importance of branding and building identity. This has become a need for products, organizations, and even humans today. There is no scarcity of offers with similar properties and the only thing that separates certain offers from competition in such cases is a brand.

The process of building your identity must be one priority before you launch a product on the market because it helps to:

  • Create an identity for offers: Branding is what products are known as generic property. This is a unique name, color, design, and even psychological experience that makes products can be identified on the market.
  • Create consumer preferences on offers: the market is full of offers with the same property that often confuses consumers with what he must buy. The way in which consumers can face this problem is through leaning towards the brand they know and trust. Popular brands are known as safer investments compared to those at risk and they provide consumer satisfaction for the utility provided.
  • Create new assets and build value: The brand itself is an asset that can be sold separately. Wonder why Apple products have doubled from competitors who sell products with the same configuration? This is a brand effect.
  • Build Trust: the branding of an offer produces a professional appearance of the offer. These include labels and packaging which are well in accordance with the legal requirements and determination of planned positions. This increases its appeal because consumers trust offers with professional views.
  • Increase Pride and Satisfaction: Your company brand or your offer increases the pride and satisfaction of both your customers and employees. It symbolizes the company and offers and helps everyone link it to create a deeper relationship with the brand.
  • Developing marketing strategies: marketing strategies without brands will not mean other than in vain because there will be no one identifying the offer with. Branding is the core part of marketing because all marketing strategies are rooted in branding
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Building a brand or branding image is the most important thing if your business wants to build a high brand trust for your product. Building brand identity will make every product you sell get a positive image of your customers.

For those of you who want to make your business have a good brand image, do a planned marketing strategy so that everything goes more optimally, one of them by doing the right budgeting on every marketing action.

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