What is an Attribution Window? How are they set?

The right length for an attribution window must be decided according to the purpose of a crusade. For instance, an advertiser operating an install campaign boosted by “seen and gone” formats comparable to banner ads may want a shorter window. Although hundreds of folk might see an advert in brief, an impact based form is unlikely to drive an install five days later. On any other hand, an advertiser running a campaign prompting interplay – such as playable ads – may want to choose a longer attribution window.

If an advertiser has secured a major place within an app and wants to see its future value, then a 21 or 30 day window would help them see if it introduced the outcomes they aimed for. Attribution windows can also be used to check out various networks. For instance, when you have a karaoke app and would like to run a video crusade with two various ad networks, Network A and Network B. You’ve built up trust with Network A already, having run campaigns with them before, while Network B is new to you. You want to test the functionality of Network B for the first time, using a crusade according to fingerprinting.

You can limit their attribution window to one hour, instead of the default 24 hours, to control what traffic can be claimed by Network B. Even with this in place, that you can still keep the attribution window at 24 hours for Network A.

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