What is AB testing and how it uses in marketing?

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What is AB testing and how it uses in marketing?

What is AB testing and how it uses in marketing

AB testing is done by sending prospective customers to one of two or more landing pages or landing pages randomly as they follow the link to your site. By attracting random visitors from the same target audience to different destinations, it becomes easier to determine which version is the most effective. This test allows the marketing team to guide their future decisions towards the most effective techniques.

In this article, you will learn how AB testing is used and how it can help improve your marketing strategy in the future.

What is AB testing?

AB testing, also known as a separate test, is a way to determine the most effective marketing method to prospective customers. Every time visitors follow the link, they are randomly sent to one of the landing pages available for the link. After the sample size of a large enough visitor is obtained, the marketing team can assess the results for each option to find the best performance version.

The greater the sample size you can get, the more reliable. You may need a series of tests during the AB testing process, and the winning option will be used as a basis for then trying to make more improvements. Running additional rounds can help improve the overall performance of your product or site.

Why is AB testing important?

Many marketing departments rely on AB testing because this is one of the most effective ways to adjust your approach to customers. Although data analysis and trends are important elements in designing interesting web pages, AB testing provides real and practical evidence of your most impactful marketing techniques.

Modern online metrics and analytics also make it easier for you to assess the results of separate testing. With visitor tracking, you can easily check the main metric, including how many visitors sent to each version, how long they live on each page and the most important thing, what percentage of visitors remain on your page long enough to resolve your campaign target.

AB testing requires many options and ways in marketing. For example, if you think of a new marketing approach that can improve your company’s performance, you can prepare an ab testing and then check the data.

If you are right and the new option gets better results, you can continue with your new plan. If the original technique is still performing better, you can continue your routine routine and think of a different marketing approach in the future.

How does the AB testing work?

Most of the AB testing with web pages is handled automatically. They are usually used together with sales channels, which are special pages designed to receive visitors who have clicked on ads on web pages or social media sites. Most of the leading sites can have this test option built into their content management system, which facilitates running their own testing.

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Whether you use the AB testing option provided or develop internal solutions, testing logistics remains the same. Every visitor is randomly directed to one of the available options, where you can then record their activities and behavior on the page. The total data that you collect based on the behavior of all web visitors can give you valuable data about the options or pages which most benefit your organization.

When the data enters, a well-performing page remains rotated, while a poorly performed page is removed gradually, either to divert resources completely to more successful options or to open space for a new approach.

How to do ab testing?

If you are ready to start utilizing A / B testing to find the best marketing plan for your company, this is what you need to do:

1. Collect data

Before you start building a separate test, you must first collect whatever information you have about your customers. This can include direct observations that you make about your customers and data insight into industry leaders about the ideal demographics for your product or service. The more details of your understanding of prospective customers, the easier it is to get positive results from your campaign.

2. Set your goals

It is just as important to know what your customers sought and what works when selling to them, it is important to know what you want to get from your campaign. Not all marketing campaigns have the same purpose in mind.

For example, the metrics that you will monitor for brand awareness campaigns will be different from metrics for campaigns that focus on maximizing sales. Having a clear goal in mind makes it easy to know which metrics are focused.

3. Create theory

After your target audience is analyzed and the purpose in mind, you can make marketing theory. Determine what you think will be an effective method for your target audience to achieve the goals you are looking for. This theory will arrange the framework that you use when you create different pages for your testing.

4. Build your variation

Although most content systems allow you to do separate testing with several different variants, usually the best is to limit every round of testing into two or three versions. This allows you to quickly reach the desired traffic figures on each page so you can compare it. It also makes it easy to isolate differences in options to determine which techniques likely to produce higher user involvement.

5. Run a separate test

After making a landing page variant, it’s time to launch the page and allow AB testing to run. There are no perfect pages. Instead, the right number of clicks depends on your marketing priority. Targeting a lower limit will allow you to analyze results and adjust faster and at a lower cost, while targeting a higher number gives you more information to make a larger scale decision.

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6. Analysis of the results

After you collect enough data to make the right decision, you must start viewing data collected from each variant in the AB testing. Record the main metrics that you track as a priority, but don’t completely ignore other metrics.

If you run a campaign to build brand awareness, for example, and find that one version produces a much higher sales figure, although this may not be the ideal page for the current campaign, which still provides valuable information that you can use to monetize other campaigns. The winning campaign is the best performance campaign, and the version must be the basis of the campaign when you step forward.

7. Make adjustments according to the needs

After you find which option won the split test, you can adjust your ad campaign as needed. If the metrics on the distribution of winners meet the standards you are looking for, you can choose to direct all web traffic to that page.

Or, you can do new AB testing by adding a new option to test the winning division. When trying a new version against the winner version, you must consider the results of the first test to create a better effort in making the ideal page that make visitors stay involved.

8. Continue Monitoring

Even after several rounds of AB testing, you still need to monitor your marketing tactics regularly to ensure that tactics remain effective. Marketing campaigns will usually reach a reduced return point, either because content becomes less relevant or you start out of prospective new customers from certain campaigns.

Make it a habit to monitor campaign performance data even after you find a superior division and direct all traffic there. If the performance starts to decline, you can end the campaign or return to the first step and undergo a new round of AB testing.


That is the complete discussion of AB testing that you can use to optimize the marketing process in your business. One of the most important points in carrying out marketing or marketing processes on business is to record all expenses and costs incurred in business processes, including marketing costs, overhead costs, and other related costs in the introduction of your products to customers in the best bookkeeping system.

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