What is a tagline? This is understanding, type, and tips on making an effective tagline

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What is a tagline This is understanding type and tips on making an effective tagline
What is a tagline This is understanding type and tips on making an effective tagline

What is a tagline? This is understanding, type, and tips on making an effective tagline

In the era of digital marketing like today, every product and business must be required to continue to be able to show that they exceed other competitors. One way that can be done is to create an interesting tagline. Tagline is not just a slogan, but also the identity and characteristics of the product. So, what is the tagline? The following is the full explanation.

What is a tagline?

So, what is a tagline? Basically, the tagline refers to an exact or ultimate. If taken from the Cambridge dictionary, the tagline is a slogan in hand in hand with the context in the world of marketing and also promotional activities. So, the tagline can be interpreted as a slogan that is closely related to the product or individual.

A writer and an expert in making a brand tagline named Eric Swartz explained that the tagline is a shortened word arrangement. Generally, the tagline is no more than seven syllables and is placed on the logo side and has a strong message content for the target audience.

Tagline is the main weapon in running the business world to attract public attention. The tagline can be used as to prioritize the meaning of brand and adopt ad language so that it can attract public attention to further giving a curious effect. Later, the curiosity will be converted to purchasing power on the advertised product.

There are a lot of taglines that have proven to be the identity of the brand. In addition to the tagline well, the tagline is also considered to be very capable of being accepted by the readers, so it is very effective for introducing the product. Some examples are the tagline “just do it” from Nike, “Connecting People” from Nokia, or “I’m Lovin ‘IT” from MC Donald.

Tagline types

As we have explained together above, that the tagline is a phrase used for a business in attracting the attention of customers or consumers. For in Indonesia itself, the tagline is often referred to as jargon, motto, or motto.

Based on this understanding. Then the tagline is divided into four types, namely:

1. Descriptive tagline

Descriptive tagline is a tagline that provides an explanation of a product, while having an elemental content of excellence in terms of service and sweet promises, so that the community believes in the advantage of the brand, for example “The World’s Local Bank” from HSBC Bank, “Stamina Plus” from Hemaviton, and “Tea with soda” from Tebs.

2. Specific tagline

Specific tagline is a tagline that advertises slogans with a special advantage from the brand itself. This tagline will later cause the impression that the brand is the most superior among other competitors. Examples of products that use this type of brand are froz with “king mint”, Sosro bottle tea with “Whatever the food, drinking Sosro bottle tea”, and relaxa with “sweet candy, relaxa”.

3. SuperLative tagline

The superlative tagline is actually not much different from specific taglines. However, this superlative tagline has various elements of affirmation, making it look more provocative, like a fire ship “clearly better”, or Yamaha “is getting ahead”

4. Tagline imperative.

Imperative tagline is a tagline that tends to emphasize an action that always begins with verbs, a simple example is “Utan use Esia”, “Pawnshops, resolved the problem without problems”, “Relax, there is Sanken”, and “la Light, enjoy it “.

5. Provocative tagline

The provocative type of tagline has an element of invitation or challenges that provoke logic and public emotions or audience. In fact, some provocative taglines also often use question marks at the end of the tagline. A simple example of the provocative tagline is X-Mild Express Your Action, “” Smart Drink People Reject the Wind “,” Your Oli Top One is also right? “,

Tips for Making Tagline

1. Make a business logo design first

The first way to do a branding tagline is to create an effective logo. Why? Because without a logo, the tagline will not function optimally, especially if promotional activities are carried out online through digital visual media.

For this reason, you must create a logo that can describe identity or have your business philosophy first before making a tagline.

You must design a logo that is able to describe your business identity or philosophy before determining the tagline.

2. Get to know the aim and specify the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Company

The next thing you have to do in making a tagline is to know the company’s business goals, and highlight the uniqueness of the products offered to the public or prospective customers. Why? Because the tagline is a reflection of this.

There are at least three questions that you must answer to determine this. First, what benefits do you want to achieve from customers? How can your product make customer life better? Why can your business better than competitors?

If you have answered these three questions, then you will be easier to create a tagline that contains important messages to the right customer.

2. Understanding the audience

Make sure you know who is the target audience of your company before you start making a company tagline. That way, you can make the right and more targeted tagline on the emotional side of Adna customers.

3. Do brainstorm

The main challenge in making a tagline is writing an effective tagline and summarize your business information in a few words. For that, you have to do brainstorming. Take time to find out important information about your business in depth, then write various things that appear in your mind when you think of your business.

Later, from these words you can start making a phrase that explains who you are, what you do, or what problems can you finish your business.

4. Focus on benefits

You need to know that customers will focus more on the benefits offered by you, not various product features. Well, this also applies to your company tagline. For this reason, create a tagline capable of providing information on the audience about the main benefits or main services of the product or brand that you offer.

5. Insert business personality with a tagline

A good tagline is a tagline capable of showing a brand or business personality. Examples are the “Think Different” tagline from Apple which shows that Apple is one of the unique brands, even the same as customers who use products from Apple.

6. Short and simple

Another way in making a tagline is to make it as short and as simple as possible. For this reason, use a minimum of five words or less.

7. Create a tagline that leaves the impression

Try to use the structure, rhythm or rima so that the phrase you make can look more memorable and also have certain characteristics. Pour your creativity in the tagline that you will make.

8. Fishing emotions (provocation)

A good tagline is a tagline capable of provoking public emotions or provoking the public in positive sense. Usually, large companies use statement sentences or questions in creating the taglin.

9. Try honestly and what they are

As much as possible, avoid using words that are unilateral claims, such as “the most effective”, “best”, or “no. 1 “Why? Because this can be interpreted as an appointment by the customer. If later your consumers are disappointed with your product or service, will have an impact on the decrease in the quality of your brand in the customer’s eyes.

For this reason, don’t overdo it or confidence with the quality of the product of goods or services that you spend. Unless you have already received certain certifications.

10. Avoid plagiar tagline

The main key in a branding is originality. Avoid imitating partially or the whole tagline that previously exists. This will harm your business. What’s more, in the digital era, the digital track record will always be embedded and difficult to remove it.

In addition, usually a large business has also registered the tagline on the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights. So, if you are proven to do plagiarism, then you can be subject to sanctions in the form of royalties.


Thus a discussion about what a tagline is complete with the type and how to create an effective tagline. Although the way to make an effective tagline is indeed not easy, but the end result will be in line with what you will get. For this reason, avoid making taglines carelessly if your business wants to continue to live and develop.

Well, if you already have a shadow about the tagline, then it’s time for you to immediately make an interesting tagline. Don’t forget to determine the tagline according to the development of time and time. Afterwards, determine the right marketing strategy, and do financial management and good accounting so that your business financial conditions are still controlled.

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