What Is A Private Ad Exchange? AdBalance ad network reviews and comparisons

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Casale Media have taken the idea of ad exchanges one step additional by allowing larger web brands and houses to set up inner most ad exchanges. These deepest exchanges allow top class publishers that have already got strong brands to sell their inventory with real time bidding to ad networks, media planners, and ad agencies. Whereas a public ad trade does not differentiate among impressions from a certain vicinity for each site included in the market, a personal ad trade allows top rate publishers to sell their premium inventory at the top rate it merits. The inventory it really is unsold in such a private trade could then be filtered down into the public exchange to be sold at prices decided by the market.

Several top class publishers have already moved to a private ad exchange answer for promoting their digital ad stock akin to Technorati, CBS, IDG TechNetwork and NBCUniversal. The backbone of each of those exchanges is the original data that these top class publishers have on their users and are willing to sell to advertisers to push up charges – data which smaller publishers simply cannot supply. This extra data, in addition to the safety of a brand name electronic publication for the advertising – publishers can push up prices, something which is needed for television and newspaper businesses need if they are to go their entire agencies online and embrace the longer term.

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