What is a DSP Demand Side Platform?

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A demand side platform, or more simply referred to as a DSP is a platform that permits buyers of online ads inventory to purchase across varied exchanges from one UI. DSP’s are the third major bucket in the Lumascape that see the preliminary brand dollar before it at last reaches the publisher. Agency buying and selling desks dump ads money into DSP’s to spread across varied exchanges which house ad networks. The biggest demand side structures today are MediaMath, Invite Media, Turn, DataXU, Efficient Frontier, and The Trade Desk with many others competing for the almighty brand dollars that everyone wants their piece of before it hits the publisher.

Buyers who utilize DSP’s tend to not put all their eggs in one basket by buying across many of the major exchanges and never spending too much money on an identical inventory. It is terribly crucial for buyers who’re buying digital commercials stock to be weary of fraud traffic and always have full domain transparency as to what they are buying on. Brand advertisers look for a mix of functionality, view skill and branding when operating their advertisements campaigns. They do not are looking to bombard an identical users with a similar ads but rather opt to hit a large of audience as with the preliminary advertisements campaigns and optimize therefore.

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