What Is a Buyer Persona and Why It Is Important for Your Business

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What Is a Buyer Persona and Why It Is Important for Your Business

What Is a Buyer Persona and Why It Is Important for Your Business

What Is a Buyer Persona and Why It Is Important for Your Business

Buyer personas are fictitious profiles created based on research to describe what your target audience looks like. Buyer personas describe who your ideal customer is, what their daily life is, what challenges or problems they face, and how they make decisions.

It is only natural for businesses to have more than one persona who each have different characteristics, and you need different strategies to reach and meet their needs.

Buyer personas help businesses understand and empathize with their customers, so that a business can do its best to find and serve customers who match that persona.

Why is Buyer Persona Important for Business?

With the buyer persona, all business activities related to acquiring and serving consumers will be tailored to the needs of these consumers.

When it comes to choosing a product or service, people tend to choose a business they know and trust. The best way to build trust is to show genuine understanding and empathy for your customers.

Show consumers that you can solve the problem they are facing, or meet their needs. That way, consumers tend to be more open to exploring the products or services you offer.

How to Use Buyer Persona in Business?

In creating a buyer persona, you first have to ask yourself what the ideal consumer is. After that, compare your answers with the answers of your peers in each different division. This will help you get a new perspective on what the ideal consumer looks like. The buyer persona created through this process will be much more comprehensive than creating your own without someone else’s perspective.

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One of the benefits of buyer personas that can be felt immediately is that it helps you gain consumer insight and alignment across divisions. This will ensure that your marketing team, sales team, product development team, and customer service team have the same view of what your ideal customer is.

You can use buyer personas as your foundation in completing work, for example:

  • Product development teams can use buyer personas when creating product roadmaps. This will help them identify and prioritize changes based on the needs of your customers.
  • The marketing team can use buyer personas in developing an effective marketing strategy. When creating content, for example, buyer personas will help focus your keyword research efforts which will be used as references when creating articles. They can also assist you in identifying and prioritizing marketing activities.
  • Buyer personas can also help your sales team build relationships with potential customers. By understanding the problems potential customers face, your sales team will be better equipped to solve those problems.
  • The customer service team can also take advantage of buyer personas to serve consumers better. By being trained on how your product can solve consumer problems, the customer service team will be able to show more genuine empathy. Sincerity will be very helpful when dealing with angry consumers.

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