What if Seth Godin was full of crap? McLellan Marketing Group

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Just on the Seth Comments issue, I really think its a brilliant piece of advertising on Seths behalf. By putting off the comments he avoids having to reading though 100’s of ass kissing comments so if you feel strongly enough about anything your pushed against emailing him. So I emailed him about somthing he said on his blog the other day and he responded within a couple of hours. how did that make me feel?Great as a result of i got a private reaction and it felt like he in my opinion was listening to me something that could have been unlikley had I made an identical comment on a comments section on his blog.

I very publicly debated the complete Nikon deal to which you commented I was giving them free press – ha!, have disagreed with Rubel on his blog or even today called out David Meerman Scott who I like very much on my blog for a very poor resolution on labeling a gentleman who apologized, I should point out. I just don’t feel “scared” to specific my opinion as long as I latest 1 a robust and thoughtful reason as to why or why not and 2 work to remain open to having my mind changed. And, as you recognize, I most like the mushy happy posts…but it’s every day and, some days are debates.

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