What Every Developer Must Know About HTTPS Pluralsight

Securing the delivery layer of any application talking over the web is fitting an completely essential attribute of contemporary application. However, HTTPS is frequently not applied due to perceived in preference to actual barriers and when it is, it’s often done poorly. Not only that, but many modern browser characteristics that may help streamline secure communications and definitely make it more effective and resilient are rarely used. In this course, What Every Developer Must Know About HTTPS, you will learn all about why you want HTTPS.

First, you’ll learn the many constructive things that HTTPS does. Next, you’ll learn about what many of us perceive as barriers to HTTP adoption. Finally, you’ll spend some time exploring some topics that go external of the the fundamentals of HTTPS. By the end of this course, you could have a basic advantage to both implement HTTPS correctly from the outset and retrofit it to current applications. Course OverviewHi, this is Troy Hunt, and welcome to my course on what every developer must learn about HTTPS.

I’ve created dozens of Pluralsight lessons through the years on all types of facets of web safety, so I spend a huge amount of my time doing that and touring around the world chatting with developers in every kind of different groups about how to secure their things on the internet. Some of the stuff you’ll learn in this course is why we want HTTPS. We run through a number of the fundamentals, about all types of different beneficial things that HTTPS does before we dive into what you really need to do to secure your apps. You’ll also find out about what many people perceive as limitations, so HTTPS adoption, and then you will see why they just don’t apply anymore. I move through a lot of examples in industry precedents which will contextualize just why HTTPS is so important. You’ll see where it is all gone wrong before and find out how to enforce this essential defense defense properly.

By the top of this course, you will be all set to roll out HTTPS in your app, and if you already have it, you’ll almost certainly learn a host of new tricks to make it faster, more secure, and more reliable. No matter what platform you’re working on, here’s a good course for studying every little thing you are looking to know as a developer about correctly imposing HTTPS.

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