What Customers Expect When Receiving Customer Service

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Even though your customers may not judge a book by its cover, they surely do evaluate your company by the quality of its customer service.

We live in a fast-paced world where technological advancements happen in days and consumer demands climb even quicker.

Everything nowadays is only a click away, and your customer care should be the same — if not, you may be setting your company up for failure. According to Glance reports, 78% of customers have canceled their purchases due to a poor client care experience.

On the other hand, there’s nothing that builds your brand’s reputation more than exceptional customer service, which then boosts customer retention. Both lead to increased revenue.

A first step in delivering excellence is recognizing what your clients expect. Here’s what consumers are looking for when they contact your customer care.

Quick Replies and Short Wait Times

Nothing irritates your consumers more than a slow response time. Why would they bother sending you an email if you wait three days to respond? Their time is valuable, so it’s essential to make prompt responses a priority.

Also, keep in mind that your customers are probably already frustrated with the impediment they have, even before talking to your customer service rep. If you add a wait time to the equation, it becomes harder for your agents to deliver satisfactory outcomes — that is, if they even stay on the line. Did you know nearly six in ten customers don’t want to wait more than five minutes?

Their time is precious, so it is critical to make it a priority.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the estimated time for a response varies per channel. An email, for example, can have a response time of up to 24 hours, but a phone call or a brief chat message cannot wait that long.

Knowledgeable Customer Service Agents

Resolve their issue as quickly as is feasible. And while it sounds simple, a lot of employees in this industry are unaware of what it entails.

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Remember that your customer reps are just as important to your company as your consumers. It is critical to provide them with suitable training while also collaborating on new ideas. If there are no clear guidelines and procedures, it is easy to lose track of time while addressing difficult issues.

Training and firm rules are especially important when it comes to angry and more challenging customers. You want your employees to know exactly how to handle frustrated clients and to say the right thing at the right time. Of course, there will be mistakes — we’re all human. But it’s important to be as assertive and helpful as possible. The final aim should be to address the issue and please the customer.

Every engagement your team has with a client should be one step closer to addressing the customer’s problem. The most important thing to provide to your customer is efficiency in resolving their impediment.

A Personal Touch

If you meet your customers’ expectations, they will be more likely to buy from you again. But go above and beyond what they expect, and you will have a lifetime customer who shares your brand with their family and friends.

Long gone are the days when just being polite was enough to pass a satisfactory customer service test. According to HubSpot, 79% of consumers consider personalized customer care to be more valuable than personalized marketing.

You need to greet your client by name, show them empathy, and add more value to the conversation if you find a good opportunity. For example, if a customer tells you how they just went through an overwhelming moving process, your employee can empathize with them and share their personal story to form a deeper connection.

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Who doesn’t like pleasant surprises? Our brains are hardwired to seek connection and excitement. If you personalize your customer service, you can be sure that your brand will have some of the most devoted customers. Shopping is, over all else, an emotional experience.

Provide Multiple Ways for Customers To Contact You

Your consumers expect you to provide them with a variety of ways to contact you if they’re in need. Communicating with customers via their chosen channel is critical to how happy they are with your service.

If the majority of your audience is Millennial, keep in mind that three out of four of them prefer contacting companies via chat and social media.

Remember that everyone is different, and although some individuals like lengthy and thorough emails, others may prefer to pick up the phone and resolve their issues as soon as possible.

It is vital to recognize that different impediments need to be approached differently — automated customer self-service is sufficient for rapidly checking your account balance, but it’s not enough for addressing more complex subjects.

Always Offer a Better Service

Always keep your consumer’s needs in mind while developing a customer service plan. What kinds of issues could they face in the future? Make an effort to find solutions before they reach those obstacles.

Train your employees to approach customers with a friendly and warm tone of voice. Remember, it’s all about understanding and forming a sincere connection — alongside effectively resolving their issues.

Go omnichannel if you haven’t already. It’s essential to meet your clients where they are and make it as easy as possible for them to contact you.

Ultimately, whether or not a consumer is satisfied with the service provided by your company is the deciding factor. So be sure to make it a pleasant experience.

Delighted consumers are your most powerful brand advocates.