What Can You Do if Your Affiliate Doesn’t Pay You?

The fourth reason is that you’re exploiting the system. If you’ve been trying to send in purchases that aren’t valid, or site visitors if you’re getting paid by the hit in place of the sale, or if you’re making purchases your self, the sales will be flagged invalid and you won’t be paid. Additionally, if you’re getting people to buy via your link to get you paid, and feature them get a reimbursement later, that may be considered exploitation and may jeopardize your associate account. Generally, any form of exploitation will result in you not getting paid at some point soon, and in those cases you’re in the incorrect and deserve your account elimination.

Scams like that make it harder on all and sundry and provides affiliate marketing online a bad name. Assuming you’re not just dropping and changing the affiliate, your next step is to discuss with any of the third events who could be involved. For example, if the offer came via an affiliate community like Commission Junction, make sure you seek advice from CJ at once. If the associates program was without delay through the business, you won’t be able to bring in a third party so easily, but you still have some options. For example, if they’re using a system like AffiliateWP to control their bills, you may trust contacting them. AffiliateWP – or whoever creates the system used for associate control – can be able to put pressure on the logo to pay their marketers.