What Are Your Free Webinar Alternatives?

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After deciding that you want to utilize webinars for your online business you are then faced with a big question: Where do I host them?

There are many platforms out there and many of them have similar features, but they can differ quite a bit in who they are best suited for.

The first thing that many of our users ask us is therefore how our platform compares to alternative X, Y or Z, so we decided to take an objective look at how all of these platforms compare against each other.

As Expertise.tv is much more than just a webinar hosting platform, there really aren’t any direct competitors/alternatives but we have decided to compare it against some of the platforms that people most often ask us about.

In Part 1 of this article we will be comparing our Free Forever plan with the first tier plans of Zoom, GoToWebinars & WebinarJam, and in Part 2 we will be focusing in on who the Expertise.tv would be the best alternative for.

Part 1 Comparison

Platform:Expertise.TV Free PlanWebinarJamZoom Basic PlanGoToWebinar Starter Plan
Price:Free Forever$189/3 mosFree$ 109/mo
Maximum webinar attendees:Unlimited500100100
Download required:NoNoYesYes, to use all features
Landing page builder:
Broadcast on mobile:
Raise hand:
Browser compatibility: Chrome ✓
Firefox ✓
Safari ✓
Explorer ✓
Chrome ✓
Firefox ✓
Safari ✓
Explorer ✘
Chrome ✓
Firefox ✓
Safari ✓
Explorer ✓
Chrome ✓
Firefox ✓
Safari ✘
Explorer ✘
Facebook Live Share:
Listen to webinar through call-in:
Personal community page:
Webinar polling:
Nurture content email drip:
Whiteboard feature:

Comparison result

If you’re someone who is looking for a place which can facilitate not only your webinars but the other parts of your online business as well, you should keep that in mind when choosing your platform.

Some of the platforms compared in this article would require the use of additional platforms to handle the tasks that they cannot, which quickly results in high recurring costs.

Let’s say that both Steve and John decides to do webinars, Jeremy decides to use Expertise.tv as his main platform, and Steve decides to go with an alternative one from the comparison chart, the below example shows what they would need to spend per month to get their webinars up and running.


GoToWebinar for his webinars: $109/month

Aweber for email nurturing campaign: $19/month (limited to 500 subscribers)

Leadpages for landing page creation: $48/month (For alternative with A/B testing)

WordPress site for content creation: Domain name $14.99/year + web hosting $7.99/month

Total: $185.25/month


Expertise.tv for his webinars: Free

Expertise.tv for email nurturing campaign: Free

Expertise.tv for landing page creation: Free

Expertise.tv for content creation on own community page: Free

Total: $0/month

And this is before we even start talking about monetization, at which point Steve will need to add checkout services, shopping carts and so on, while John simply needs to upgrade to our Revenue plan ($98/monthly) and keep it all on one platform.

Functional & easy to use

We strive to make running an online webinar business as simple as possible by keeping everything in once place.

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Below are some videos showcasing how easy it is to use the Expertise.tv platform.

The complete webinar platform

The Complete Webinar Platform

Everything you need to run a successful online webinar business, all in one place.
Facebook Lead Ad Integration


The platform has some really useful integrations with Facebook, aside from just sharing your stream to Facebook Live, you can actually connect a Facebook lead ad directly to your webinar. Your attendees sign up by the click of a button on Facebook and no landing page is needed. This saves roughly 60% in Facebook marketing costs.

Monetizing your expertise


8 Simple Ways To Monetize Your Expertise

The platform offers a wide range of ways to generate income for your online business, these include, but are not limited to: selling webinar tickets, courses, programs, e-books, 1on1 sessions, webinar replyas, workshops & more.

More of the features

A brief explanation of some of our features on the platform.

1on1 Sessions

Hold 1on1 video/audio meetings with clients directly on the platform.


Use the inbuilt Expertise calendar to let people book in for a time with you

Automated Emails

Create emails that are sent out automatically based on actions that your leads take. This gives you full control over who receives what email when.


Our recently launched coupon-feature allows our users to close more sales by creating incentivizing offers, redeemed through coupon codes that their leads apply during checkout.

Sales Bot

In short, the sales bot creates a sequence of 7 emails designed to sell your product by using your coupon code as its incentivizing force. The bot then also decides which of your leads are to receive the sequence of emails based on whether or not you have tried to sell the package to them in the past.

Permanent Link

You will never need to change your ad or posts once you have a new webinar created. Instead, just move the Permanent Link from your old webinar landing page to the new one, and all the traffic still arriving from the old ads and posts will be sent to the new webinar.

The Identical Replay

The webinar replays on the Expertise platform are much more than just a video recording, it is a recording of the full webinar experience. The comments, questions and pushing out of packages are all recorded and will provide the person watching the replay with just as good of an experience as those watching live, which in turn leads to more sales.

Delivering Courses

The Expertise platform comes equipped with tools for letting you sell and deliver courses. You can either give away access to all of the course material at the time when someone buys it, or choose the other alternative, which is to set up a drip-email sequence to send out the modules over time, both options work well.

Whitelabel Site

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On our Business Planusers get the option to turn their Expertise communities into a completely white-labeled (all of our branding replaced with your own) webinar site. They can then generate leads, host webinars and close sales, all within their own site, without any evidence of where it is being hosted.

Okay, all this is great, but which features will help me get webinar sign-ups?

1. Our Integration With Facebook Lead Ads

Removing any potential barrier from receiving conversions from your Facebook ad is anybody’s goal. Luckily we have been paying attention and provide you with a way to eliminate one of the most hindering steps for potential conversions: visiting your website/landing page.

Your potential customers can now provide their information without leaving Facebook and be added directly to your webinar and community on Expertise.tv!

So How Is This Different?

This is how!

1. Someone sees your webinar campaign in their news feed They click on the “Sign Up” button. A little window appears that auto-fills their name and email address as Facebook already has this.

2. They confirm with one more click.

3. Their information is automatically added to your webinar list on Expertise.tv and they’ll receive any content drip/auto-email you have set up in advance!

2. Our Integration With Facebook LIVE

We put together a brand new funnel that helps you collect dozens of FREE ORGANIC LEADS by sharing your LIVE webinar LIVE to your Facebook pages & groups.

This is all thanks to our new integration with Facebook Live!

What features can I use to sell my services on Expertise.tv?

Our main goal is to help you make your expertise your main source of revenue. This is why our platform is designed to help you do that as seamlessly as possible.

You can sell your services through:

1. Professional Services Page

List all the products and services you offer for your community to browse through.

2. Sell Packages In Webinars

Create packages and programs to sell your services in only a few seconds and push them during your live webinars when you feel the time is right.

3. Re-engage with Your Wavering Leads

Offer coupons to everyone who was not quite ready to come onboard yet. One, time-saved, approach to reconnect with wavering leads is to offer them a coupon. This technique is to get your lead comfortable with purchasing from you, even if it $5. The key is for them to associate this purchase with receiving value.

So that’s all folks!

If you’re interested in jumping onboard you can book a free consultation here!

Author: Oscar Norin

I help online coaching businesses grow by implementing proven strategies – Focusing in on content creation and cheap lead generation.


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