What are Bumper Ads and Why Does Your Hotel Need Them? Net Affinity Blog

First and most suitable, bumper ads promise a good CPM cost per thousand impressions and a high reach. With Youtube’s viewers of over one billion active users a month, the best reach on any budget is guaranteed. Furthermore, these bite sized messages cannot be skipped, but at an identical time have a minimal impact on your viewer’s user event. Not only do they promise a greatest reach, they also comfortably drive upper funnel outcomes. According to this Google Adwords blog, a study performed showed a serious lift in the attention of the connected brand in 70% of 122 bumper campaigns.

As well as acting as a teaser, your bumper ad can be used as an add on to enhance the message of your video advertising approach. For more information on an effective video marketing method click here. Once you have got one established, run it at the side of a bumper ad for an incremental reach. For those hard to reach, on the go cyber web users, a six second ad is a lot more appealing and digestible. The short format is enormously effective on mobile, which is right in today’s mobile first viewership atmosphere. This is an excellent example from a movie that covers the subject of worldwide warming, called ‘The High Diver’.

Re target the viewers of your TrueView or Google Preferred ads with follow up bumpers. This is a superb way of consolidating and reinforcing your crusade’s message. According to this Google Adwords study, out of 122 bumper campaigns in the US, 9 out of 10 drove ad recall globally. By linking your YouTube channel directly to your AdWords, that you would be able to create re advertising lists designed to re target users that can have shown a definite interest in any video from a channel. For example, if a viewer clicked into a ‘Bridal hairstyle educational’ video, the Galgorm Hotel could use this to their abilities and re target them with their marriage ceremony themed bumper ad.

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