What Ad Networks Should You Run in Addition to Google AdSense? Matt Paulson

Google AdSense isn’t the only game on the town. There are hundreds of different ad networks so that you can use as well as or in place of Google AdSense. None of any other networks were able to match the earnings generated by Google AdSense on my internet sites, but your mileage may vary dependent on what niche you are in. I like to use a few other ad networks as well as Google AdSense as a nice way to generate incremental revenue on top of what my internet sites earn from Google AdSense. For example, I might add some extra units from AdBlade, Vibrant Media and Amazon CPM ads on my internet sites in addition to Google AdSense units to generate additional earnings.

By adding ad units from these other ad networks, I can often augment my revenue per page view by among 25% and 50%. The ads networks listed above are small sample of additional advertisements networks for you to use to your web page. There are some other good networks available, but I have personally used or tried the networks listed in this part. On my websites, I always use Google AdSense as my primary ad network and puts AdSense ads in the best ad slots on my web page. I will place a sponsored content material ad from AdBlade or Dianomi below each post on my web page. I often place CPM ads from Amazon CPM Ads or Tribal Fusion on my internet sites lower in the sidebar or below my AdBlade units.

If I are looking to get more competitive with ad placements, I will place Vibrant Media’s text ads on my web page.