What a $. million Super Bowl ad can buy in digital media ISD Global

8 posts from Selena GomezAn influencer that has around 100,000 followers would typically charge around $3,000 a post on Instagram, in line with Richard Wong, vp of advertising and author family members at influencer agency Paid. A budget of $5. 2 million gets you 1,733 posts with an influencer of this stature, that means you’ll have a possible reach of 173. 3 million people, 62 million greater than tuned into the Super Bowl last year.

Influencers with larger followings, like Selena Gomez, who has 133 million followers on Instagram alone, costs $600,000 to post for a brand on the platform, in accordance with Wong. Even at this rate, with $5. 2 million, you could be capable of acquire eight posts from Gomez with extra money to spare.