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GOVERNOR’S BRIEFING: No big news but he was joined by health officers today. As summarized in a state digest, “Dr. Kathy Lofy from DOH and Dr. Francis Riedo of Evergreen Health in Kirkland provided an overview of some of the rising findings concerning the longer term affects of COVID 19. Dr.

Riedo said the sustained consequences of COVID 19, adding fatigue or loss of taste and smell, make it very different from a common flu when people often feel fully recovered in a comparatively short amount of time. Researchers are still learning about the lasting outcomes. ” You can watch the briefing video here. Chief Sealth International High School would want to congratulate three seniors from the category of 2020 on profitable the Allied Arts Foundation’s prestigious Robert J. Block Awards for Artistic Excellence.

The award acknowledges Seattle highschool scholars in the areas of visual, theatrical, music or literary arts. Tierra Shaw was presented for excellence in Visual Arts, Jason Ahmed was provided for excellence in Music, and Riley Delora was awarded for excellence in Literary Arts. The staff at Chief Sealth is pleased with these scholars for his or her labor and dedication to their commitment to their craft. Since the state has not issued a time-honored directive for what schools should try this fall, the plans vary. In addition to Seattle Public Schools – which finalized more details in a meeting this afternoon followup to come back – other local schools are making their plans official too.

So far this week, we’ve heard from Hope Lutheran School in The Junction, which “plans to start the college year on September 2nd with an at school studying model for grades preschool through fourth grade, and a hybrid model for fifth grade through eighth grade. … In addition, any K 8 pupil may choose to enroll instead in the virtual studying model. ” Also from the web site with full details about Hope’s plan is this clarification:While we considered commencing up with the at school learning model in all grades, the reason behind the difference in models is due to three factors: the capability of older scholars to administer their work with more independence, parent self assurance in leaving older students home without supervision from time to time, and Hope’s universal higher class sizes in the higher grades. While we have the capability to head upper lecture rooms around to larger spaces, we feel the existing class sizes in upper grades are higher than are safe to be in combination at one time. On any other hand, academic research tells us many times of the importance of at school learning for many students, particularly in younger grades where students’ analyzing skills are less built and where students are not able to be as proficient in impartial studying.

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