Weight Watchers Momentum Program PEERtrainer

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I’ve been on the Momentum plan since Feb 1/09 and have lost 20lbs. The plan is quite easy to follow and does work as long as you “do” follow it. Everyday. Not just Mon to Friday.

weekends count too :It’s very easy in your eyes to become bigger as well as not tracking your food as cautiously as you had in weeks 1 2 3. So keep measuring your food and keep your tracker accurate. that is what will assist you to carry on track. Just like the rest that’s worth having. keep at it. If you slip, awknowledge it and move on : If you get side lined use your old trackers as tools and return to the weeks in the event you did very well with a view to regroup and refocus.

I successfully lost 35 lbs with ww two years ago. I was in a position to maintain until three months ago when ten lbs creeped back on. I know I had to get it under handle. so I went back to average conferences and monitoring. I just want to say that I am hungry ALL the time. I am happy only after a meal and just for an hour.

I don’t know if it is my hormones going on 44 or what. but I am finding it very difficult. I excercise five days a week, run and lift weights, doing all of the right things. me weight rarely goes down and the week previous to my period is a living HELL of hunger as I want to eat all the time. I am frustrated.

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