Website Footer Design Best Practices: Things to Put at the Bottom Orbit Media Studios

I didn’t see any point out of the continual footer bar nor did you clarify different ways to handle content material linked from the footer. For instance, a panel with a map is a nice touch to slip up from the fixed footer without causing you to refresh the page or change the content material. There are numerous forms of footer content that may be viewable with out altering the point of interest of your page. Furthermore, footer content material it truly is persistent will be site specific not topic or section exact for probably the most part.

Site level content equivalent to tackle, One obvious exception stands out as the use of previous and next content buttons as well as breadcrumbs though I still don’t think they work rather well in a footer. Also when adding a set chronic site level footer bar, it is good to have the common extended footer appended to the underside of the scrolled page that still sticks to the underside of the page.

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