Website Conversions: How Can You Optimize It?

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Website Conversions: How Can You Optimize It?

Website Conversions How Can You Optimize It

In simple terms, conversion is the goal of a website, which is the action you want your visitors to take while they are there. Buying products, sharing articles, directing to certain pages, are the goals of website conversion. Conversions can be divided into two types, namely macro conversion and micro-conversion.

Macro conversion is what you are looking for website purposes. Whereas micro conversions are the little things customers can do that lead them to macro conversions. Like the newsletter sign-up form, which allows you to persuade future subscribers via email.

Conversion Optimizing Strategy

Here are 6 strategies to optimize the conversion of your website and landing page for your business.

  • Eliminates distractions from websites and landing pages, aiming to keep visitors focused on the Call to Action (CTA) you want.
  • Using the gum trampoline technique, which reduces high bounce rates by keeping people on your website by adding “rubber” to it. The bounce rate is the percentage of visits to a website page or landing page that then leaves that page. To reduce your bounce rate, you can edit your ad targeting, use long keywords for your content and stop using other websites that drive low value and irrelevant traffic to your website.
  • Furthermore, using scarcity tactics, for example by combining it with trust.
  • Create the right content that addresses your customer’s problems and educates them on how to achieve their business goals or desires. To create content that will result in website conversions, you have to understand who your target audience is. Then you can build your content marketing so it can grab attention.
  • Perform a split test, which is not only used when website conversion rates are low but should also be used throughout your online business. To know what to test, you need to create a hypothesis.
  • Copywriting technique. When writing text for your homepage or landing page, you only have a few seconds to pique the interest of the visitor, by creating a list of key bullet points that the reader can easily understand. Apart from the aforementioned key points, another element of copywriting that is easy to understand is the headline.
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Steal Consumer Attention to Increase Conversions

Here are 4 strategies to steal consumer attention that you can use to increase your website conversions.

1. Think like a consumer

When selling something, David Ogilvy, who is widely referred to as the father of advertising, always focuses on the language of his consumers. To persuade people to buy something, don’t just focus on the product. However, to catch the consumer’s attention, you must have sufficient insight into the language of your target audience.

Because the main role in a product is the consumer. Without them, you can’t attract your audience and generate conversions on your website. Therefore, put some distance between you and your product, then give all the space to your customers. To generate the same love in the eyes of the public, then start thinking about your product from the perspective of the buyer.


2. Think about the advantages of the product

Why should someone invest in or buy your product? Only a good and unique product can survive this competitive market and continue to increase your website conversions. So, before launching a product or service, you should pay attention to your unique selling proposition. A unique selling proposition is a factor or consideration presented by a seller as the reason a product or service is different and better than another product. That’s what differentiates your business from other products.

3. Create the ideal consumer persona

To grab attention, you must be aware of what your audience is saying about your product. It’s not that hard to create consumer personas when you’ve gathered information from your customers with the help of surveys. Include your consumer’s age group, demographics, ambitions, responsibilities, and many other things.

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In-depth knowledge of consumers and the products you develop will help you with content creation, sales follow-up, customer acquisition, and retention. You can conduct research or surveys using Google Analytics to find out information about your customers.

4. Create a video for the product

In the world of information overload, video marketing is quite important to catch consumers’ attention. Product videos have a better impact on consumers than text and images. Because videos can promote your product in an elegant way.

After knowing some of the descriptions above, now you must know what process you need to follow to optimize website conversions or landing pages that are not working optimally. If you have successful web conversions, then product sales will also increase. And your business profits will also increase.

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