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Colorful Summer“‘Always keep mint in your windowsill in August, to ensure that the buzzing flies will stay external where they belong. Don’t think summer is over, even if roses droop and switch brown and the celebrities shift position in the sky. Never presume August is a safe or reliable time of the year. ’ Alice Hoffman” — Designed by Lívi from Hungary. Oh, they are saying it’s gonna be a big one!Get yourself accessible well prepared, armed with patience and able to have loads of fun with fellow Bigfoot researchers.

Looking ahead to those campsite nights under the starry sky, with electrifying energy of expectations filling up the air?Lucky you!” — Designed by Pop Art Studio from Serbia. ” — Designed by Chalermkiat Oncharoen from Thailand. “August implies that fall is simply around the corner, so I designed this wallpaper to remind every person to ‘bee happy’ however summer is nearly over. Sweeter things are ahead!” — Designed by Emily Haines from the USA. ” Designed by Erkki Pung / Sviiter from Estonia. This is our Jimi Hendrix Experience tribute.

Have a stupendous summer!” — Designed by PopArt Web Design from Serbia. One of the highlights is usually the jellyfish tanks. They usually have some form of light show in them, which makes the jellyfish fade from an extreme magenta to a deep purple – and it literally tickles me pink. On a recent trip to uShaka Marine World, we found that the collective noun for jellyfish is a bloom and, well, it was love initially collective noun over again. I’ve used some severe colours to warm up your computing device and confidently transport you into the depths of your own aquarium. ” — Designed by Wonderland Collective from South Africa.

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