Webinars are effective marketing strategies for online businesses, this is the guide!

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Webinars are effective marketing strategies for online businesses, this is the guide!

Webinars are effective marketing strategies for online businesses this is the guide

Basically, the webinar is short for the web seminar. Webinars make anyone can make an online event that can be seen directly.

If you are looking for a new marketing strategy, the webinar is the most recent marketing strategy and you can try. So, how do you do it?

Find the answer by reading the article about this webinar to complete.

What is a webinar?

Webinars are an event format held and online attended. This event is done with various formats and allows anyone to create events, such as talkshows, seminars and workshops with only capable of stable cameras and internet connections.

Webinars are one of the marketing strategies that are fairly effective and also still fresh. Because, you can make every prospective consumer closer to the type of personal communication and also interactive. But at the same time, you also do it with many people.

Thus, your marketing strategy can include quality and quantity simultaneously.

Benefits of Webinars for Business Owners

In addition to being used as one of the right marketing strategies, there are still many other benefits that you can feel by holding a webinar. The following are some of the benefits you can feel if you hold a webinar.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

Can you make a webinar as a media to tell excellence or value more than your business. By using this media, you can provide information and tips that are very useful for your customers.

  • Give more value in the eyes of the audience

Just like Freebies with a form of checklist or ebook, the webinar is also very useful and can be used to provide knowledge to customers. More and more people can feel from your brand, then they will also feel more bound and need your brand.

  • Suggest and feedback

With only very many interactive features, such as chat, survey, test, poll, and integration to social media Twitter, you can immediately find out what your audience is wanting.

  • Prove expertise to business competitors

Similar to blogs on websites, webinars will prove how broad knowledge and your capabilities. This is what will be able to make you can look more serious and more experts in their fields.

  • Collect Leads.

Just like Email Marketing, you can also use webinars to collect names and e-mail from potential Adna customers. Later, this way will make it easier for you to send promo information to them.

  • Save time and promotional costs

We certainly know that the cost of holding offline events is very expensive. There are many technical things that must be prepared. What’s more, it’s not necessarily the offline event can be more successful. If your promotional budget is thinning, you can use a webinar as a very efficient promotion event.

Benefits of Webinars for Audience

  • Receive additional science

The biggest benefit that can be felt by the audience is they can get a lot of additional science. Why? Because they will get very much knowledge of the speakers who are experts and experienced in their fields.

  • Cost-effective
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This is certainly different from offline events, which requires them to come to the place, because webinars can be attended directly from home. This will certainly save gasoline or meal money. In addition, the costs for following a webinar are also generally cheaper than seminars.

  • Very flexible

Every audience can follow a webinar from anywhere, it’s good on the bed, the living room, or its favorite café.

  • E-certificate

As with offline seminars, webinars also generally provide e-certificates to its audience. This online certificate will be sent via email and is very useful for adding your portfolio.

  • Can interact with many people

By attending a webinar, it allows the audience to connect and interact with many people, even throughout the world.

Types of webinars to develop online businesses

At this point, we will get acquainted with three types of webinars that are generally widely used. You can use these three webinars to collect leads, paid webinars, and even the webinar series. You can choose the format that suits your business segment.

1. Webinar for collecting leads (The Lead-Generation)

Just as the name suggests, this type of webinar is used to collect leads. The trick is to make a content available for free. Those who want to access the content only need to give the name and email only.

So, if you are crossed in the Fintech business field that wants to open a new market share and also introduce your product to your prospective customers, then you can make a content that contains financial related tips.

Examples such as benefits and also ways of investing correctly, tips on choosing appropriate investment instruments, or good capital fund management management for business people.

So, whatever your webinar content, make sure it is attractive, has its benefits, and also presents an attraction for the audience to buy your product. In addition, you can also introduce products and provide special prices to the audience who are your customers.

By using this marketing strategy, you don’t need to have difficulty maximizing your promotional business. Because those who watch your webinar are potential customers. So, you just have to give a warm touch to them.

2. Paid webinars (short courses)

You can’t use this type of webinar to promote the product, because the webinar is the product for you to sell. For this reason, this type of webinar is actually able to generate more income. Because, anyone who wants to protect must pay.

Although this type of webinar a map makes money quickly, it does not mean that this type of webinar has no challenges or difficulties. So you can sell this webinar, then you must be able to set up completely, quality content and also have many benefits. Because if not, then you will lose competit with another content creator that provides free content.

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Because, try using this list of questions to make quality webinars, namely:

  • What specific topics will you want below?
  • What exactly the aim of the webinar was held?
  • What benefits will be obtained by the audience after watching your webinar?
  • Is the price incurred by the audience that is in accordance with the quality of the content you will offer?

If you have, you have to do various additional steps. Complete your webinar with some additional material in the form of worksheet, checklist, module or slide. It would be better if you prepared question and answer content.

So, the principle is the more complete content and the material you provide, the more people will be willing to pay for your webinar.

3. Serial Webinar (Webinar Series)

This webinar comes with a serial format. You can make several serial episodes of various related topics. Interestingly, you can use two types of webinars on previous points to make a webinar series. So, the potential lead and also the benefits you can get more.

Tips on holding successful webinars

If you are indeed more focused on selling webinars, then you can cheat what the Advanced Selfie University is doing from Sorelle Amore. Not from the contents of the content, but from how they display the web.

In the webinar, they provide 42 modules. Whether it’s in the form of a video or downloadable content. In each of these modules, Sorelle discusses various detailed things related to self-taking photos. Starting from the preparation side, learning by using a camera, posing, knowing personal branding, etc.

In addition, also make sure that you provide enough promotional content. So, not only from video ads or social media posts as well. That is, you have to prepare interesting stories that can support webinars.


Thus the explanation of us about webinars. So, we can conclude together that the webinar is a format of the event held and attended by online webinars is one of the marketing strategies that are fairly effective and also still fresh.

Because, you can make every prospective consumer closer to the type of personal communication and also interactive. But at the same time, you also do it with many people.

However, to be able to make a successful webinar, you also still need a sufficient marketing financial budget, because the implementation of webinars still requires promotional efforts even though it is not too much compared to offline events.

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