Web tracking with cookies Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada


Flash cookies often known as Local Shared Objects or LSOs are created by Adobe’s universal Flash browser add on for multimedia. Like classic cookies, Flash cookies can be utilized to save state advice, as well as options, between classes. They also are used to track the web pages that you visit. These cookies are perpetually not visible to you, the tip user, and alternatives to manage or delete them are frequently absent or very challenging in finding.

Flash cookies are frequently found on websites, and they’re often used along with basic web cookies. In fact, even if you delete web cookies, Flash cookies can be utilized to recreate them. A third form of cookie, called “super cookies,” also is emerging. Super cookies use new garage locations built into browsers to avoid wasting guidance about you. For instance, the Internet Explorer browser has “userData” garage, while Firefox has “DOM” storage”. The rising HTML 5 necessities also put aside web garage that may last either for a browser session or permanently until deleted.

These storage mechanisms are larger and more flexible than classic cookies so more information can be stored. Like web cookies and Flash cookies, you, as a user, are often unaware that super cookies exist. You, as the user, are sometimes not supplied with tools to manage the counsel that’s stored. Unfortunately, protecting privacy while shopping the net is not an easy task. Web browsers provide some tools for storing and clearing cookies. However, the default is to store all cookies indefinitely and the privacy tools are sometimes hard find and use.

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Browsers can be set to dam cookies, but many web pages require that you just, as a user, allow cookies to use the carrier. Even blockading third party cookies can impair the adventure of some services, so users are faced with the arduous task of allowing some cookies and never others. If you do configure your browser to delete stored cookies, this often only clears classic cookies, with out putting off super cookies and Flash cookies. Some browsers have lately implemented a “inner most searching mode,” designed to protect privacy. In Firefox, for instance, web cookies are deleted when a personal searching session is ended.

Unfortunately, super cookies and Flash cookies aren’t always suffering from these settings, so they are still stored during inner most shopping sessions. In order to clear all the alternative kinds of cookies and web storage, you commonly need to install and use particular add on applications. Some prevalent tools for Firefox, as an example, are the BetterPrivacy, NoScript, and Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt Out TACO plug ins.