Web Design Trends That Will Help Boost Conversions.

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Web design plays a vital role in the relationship between consumer engagement and technology. The most successful marketers recognise the significant role that web design plays when it comes to winning customers, and they invest their time and resources into developing websites that help to boost their conversions. In regards to web design, there’s so much more to creating a compelling website than hiring a web developer and leaving them to it. You have to ensure your website is designed to engage your audience and encourage conversions, be it sign-ups, subscriptions, or sales. Here are five web design trends you should consider to improve your marketing. 


Set and adhere to branding guidelines. 

Whatever the purpose of your website, branding guidelines are imperative. Why? Because they ensure everything your customers see when they reach your page. Everything, including your logo, font type and size, colour scheme, and image use, should be consistent and should reflect the values and ethos of your brand. If you have several contributors to your website and blog, ensure they’re familiar with the branding guidelines that you’ve set.  

Utilise negative space.

Are you familiar with the concept of negative space? It’s an artistic concept that focuses on the area around and between a particular image. On a website, negative space allows you to keep your content concise and crisp, which in turn can lead to increased conversions. Many marketers utilise negative space by highlighting icons in a sea of a carefully selected colour. Regardless, don’t think you have to fill all of the available space on your web page. If you do, your messaging can become congested. 

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Incorporate a well-designed call to action button. 

A call to action button is an essential part of any website if you’re hoping to boost your conversions. For the button to be successful, you need to ensure that it is well-designed and thought through. For instance, if the main goal of your website is to build your email marketing list, a pop-up call to action highlighting the benefits of subscribing will help you meet your sign-up targets. Not only do call to actions tell your site visitors what the next steps will be, but they also enable you to focus your marketing and direct their actions while on your site. 

Use compelling images. 

It’s thought that using compelling images to complement your marketing strategy can increase conversion rates by up to 45%. High-quality images are essential if you want to encourage engagement on your site, as they encourage visitors to associate your brand with quality. Some sports betting platforms like findbettingsites.co.uk use large banners or “hero” images on their homepage to build a theme for their site, this is an extremely effective technique and can be seen on other sites like Uber and Netflix. Customised images with specific branding and logos are even more impressive, as it tells customers that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make your website stand out. 

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Ensure your website is up to speed. 

Speed is so important when it comes to online conversions. If visitors have to wait only one second for your page to load, it can impact your conversions by as much as 20%! This is crazy to think, but it highlights the importance of creating a site that can be accessed instantly. Your first job is to find the ideal web host that ensures your website performs at a high level and then manage the content that you upload to make sure it is optimised. If your website comes with a delay, don’t expect your customers to stick around. 

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Closing thoughts. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of these web design trends when creating your website. Whatever your motivation for boosting conversions, optimising your site and ensuring it’s high-performing will ensure you have the best chance of success. If you’re unsure of how to create an awesome, responsive website for yourself, it’s a good idea to seek out the services of an experienced web developer to help you.