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Internet is a community that connects all computers and contraptions that experience internet connection. The main characteristic is to share tips. A website is build using Hyper Text Markup Language // HTML, it’s regularly occurring and with the intention to view them you’ll need a browser. A browser is a program application we are looking to access the World Wide Web, it’s like a portal. Through Uniform Resource Locator // URL the browser can access and retrieve these resources from a web server and demonstrate them on a user’s device.

To get across the cyber web we frequently use a search engine, corresponding to Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo. It’s a program system designed to perform web search. It helps you get around a lot faster, any website with a big archive has a search engine so that you may find counsel in keeping with keywords or sentences. – clear site with nice amount of white space. Navigation is stuck at the side and popups are subtle and never annoying. – Menu is stuck at top and there’s enough white space around the frames that it doesn’t feel too cluttered.

Very user pleasant. – great navigation and white space. Just as the stores, you get encouraged while browsing. – could common be more constant in text and color, but everything else is applicable, inspiring and clean. Would just like the navigation to be cleanser, maybe drop the shadowing and make the bar a flat design to compare the rest and their stationary style. – great navigation and white space.

Very inviting. – great navigation and spacing. No ads!– Consistent usual, because it’s a site for plenty of online shops the consistency of the location gives each person a great beginning point. – Online store for sustainable apparel, very classy and clean. And there are applicable info and articles incorporated in the positioning.

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– ads intrude with content material. Video ads are the worst, makes me seasick. Also the red coloring makes it difficult to focus, and it’s a great mess. – A bit better than VG, the feed is far bigger which is nice, still a lot going on. – ads in the middle of article, it’s distracting and I wanna quit immediately, it seems very unprofessional.

Also I must flip pages, which adds time and it‘s just inconvenient. – Same as any other news sites, loads of red and ads. Red attracts the eyes but there is lots red I don’t know where to focus. – 2 seconds in and I am bombarded with pop ups, ew. the local news paper, which I never read ‘cause 99% is subscribers only content.

They also use history ads that takes up the whole historical past, it just seems messy. – love the store hate the online page. It’s dark, the imagery is weak and bad first-rate.