Ways to Still Profit as an Amazon Associates Affiliate

Overall, this large platform means that you can choose any product you desire and adds you with unique, trackable links for each. How Can I Still Make Money with Amazon Associates After the Payout Cuts?The following Amazon product classes saw payout cuts on April 21, 2020:Furniture, home advantage, lawn and garden, home, pet products, pantry: 3% was 8%Beauty, headphones, musical contraptions, enterprise, and commercial gives: 3% was 6%Outdoors, tools: 3% was 5. 5%Grocery: 1% was 5%Sports: 3% was 4. 5%Baby merchandise: 3% was 4.

5%Health and private care: 1% was 4. 5%Amazon Fresh: 1% was 3%If you’re an affiliate recommending merchandise and producing sales in one of these classes, be sure you look into becoming a member of the businesses’ affiliate programs directly. For example, which you could do a Google search like: “site:dickssportinggoods. com affiliate program” to see if Dick’s Sporting Goods has an associates program that you can sign in for external of Amazon. If that you could join the agency’s associates program external of Amazon, you’ll definitely have higher fee rates.

If you need ideas of alternative affiliate courses to join, take a look at my guide to the 105 best affiliate programs.

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