Ways & Benefits of Building a Brand Identity for Your Business

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Ways & Benefits of Building a Brand Identity for Your Business

KFC, McDonald’s, Levis, Nike, Apple, Samsung, The Body Shop are samples of words that are familiar to your ears, right? Almost everyone knows, once I mention KFC (for example), you want to have imagined crispy fried chicken or the words KFC or its dominant place in red, right? that’s what’s called brand identity.

Brand identity is all types of elements that shape people’s perceptions of a brand. For information, this brand is different from a brand. Brand itself isn’t only a brand, because a brand is an integrated unit of a product or service. In other words, a brand may be a name or symbol that’s a part of a brand. a corporation or business that features a product or service must be ready to build and manage its brand. In accounting itself, a brand is assessed as an intangible . Because a well-known/well-known/prestigious brand or brand features a great appeal within the eyes of the general public , especially consumers. So it’s not surprising if a corporation will desperately make it’s brand famous, they’re even willing to allocate a budget to create a brand.

To improve the brand reputation of a product isn’t easy. you’ve got to try to to various ways to form your brand known. Moreover, it makes your brand very strong within the eyes of the general public in order that people can recognize it only by glancing or hearing it. How to? Here are some ways to create a robust brand identity:

How to Build a Brand Identity

a. Create a singular Impression

To make it easy for people to recollect , make an impact that’s unique or different from the brand. you’ll make it through iconic images, catchy and catchy slogans, a special , memorable atmosphere, and various others. Remember that the primary impression is vital , so don’t let the customer disappoint the customer on their first arrival.

b. Consistent

After you create an impact , your brand, design style, method of promotion, etc., don’t change. this is often because consistency is required to form it easier for your consumers to recollect your brand. If you’re inconsistent or frequently change the design or characteristics of your business, it’ll be difficult for consumers to recollect it, and that they may even feel confused and strange.

c. Different

Give something different from competitors. to make something different you’ll first research the market. Besides, you’ll also check out competitors, determine the shortcomings of competitors then apply solutions or offerings that are more on your brand.

d. Relate or Interact

A business must be inbuilt a neighborhood where they need their values and culture. In building a brand, you want to also concentrate to existing values and culture. a method to try to to this is often by adapting the way you communicate to the characteristics of your business and consumers. for instance , McDonald’s, where its parent company uses English, when opening a branch in Indonesia, use Indonesian in its communications. in order that consumers understand the message you would like to convey.

e. Direct Communication

This direct communication is said to the services provided. Create or provide space for consumers to speak together with your brand. Make it easy for them to enjoy the services your brand offers, this is often a sort of building and strengthening your brand.

Benefits of brand name Identity

Why can we need to build a brand identity? this is often because by having a robust brand identity in society, your business will get many benefits, including:

a. Customer loyalty

A strong brand identity will create customer loyalty. This loyalty will have an honest impact on a brand. one among them is that the brand will get extraordinary support from customers. Besides, loyal customers will definitely be expecting new products or services to be launched. then , of course, they’re going to immediately try the merchandise or service.

b. Wide Target Market

When your brand or business brand is robust , your brand or brand are going to be far better known than other brands. By doing so you’ll get more attention within the eyes of the people. Usually, there’ll be consumers who are willing to travel to a different city if there’s no store or product in your city simply because you would like to enjoy it.

c. Build Trust

Brands or brands that are already known by the general public will definitely get more trust from the general public . in order that once they need something, they’re going to believe it first, which is your brand or business brand.

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