Want to Rebrand? First Know the Importance here!

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Want to Rebrand? First Know the Importance here!

Brand, branding, and rebranding have fundamental differences in meaning. Brand or brand is an identity or name that represents a product as a whole. What is meant as a whole includes the product itself, the services provided by the product, the company that produces it, and other related matters. Meanwhile, branding is a communication effort that is well structured and planned by a company to build and raise a brand. Brand in the form of name, term, symbol, design, or a combination of the four, to identify a product so that it is different from other products. Meanwhile, rebranding is an effort to change the brand image back to its original goal to be more successful. Find out more about rebranding such as its explanation, stages, reasons, and shortcomings.

Corporate Branding and Rebranding Process

Branding is considered one of the most valuable company assets and an important thing in a business. In branding, the public relations department of the company plays a more dominant role in efforts to build and maintain a reputation, brand image through good and useful public relations communication between the company and consumers. Branding activities are not only intended for the company’s products to be selected and purchased by the community, but also how consumers can be satisfied so that they become loyal customers by seeing that the company is the best one that can provide solutions to them.

There are several important elements in branding activities, namely clarity, consistency, and constant carrying out broad goals such as being able to convey the message of the company’s vision and mission. Or able to build the company’s credibility in the public, able to connect the company’s target with consumers emotionally. And able to move or motivate consumers to create customer loyalty.

Currently, brand or brand competition is so dominant that many companies are rebranding. For example, by changing the logo, slogan (tagline), and so on. Especially now that we are in an era of openness, so that society or consumers are increasingly critical of the information and services received. Rebranding or branding changes is the last step for a brand. As long as a brand can be maintained and redirected back on track, the company should not rush to make changes.

Stages of Rebranding

In practice, it turns out that doing this process is not as easy as simply changing the logo or name. However, it also requires a meaning or goal to be achieved by carrying out the process. According to experts, rebranding is a process of creating a new name, term, symbol, design, or a combination of them all for one brand that cannot be denied. It aims to develop a differentiated position in the minds of stakeholders and competitors. Therefore, the process is not easy and sometimes requires a long process.

1. Conducting Evaluation and Research

Before deciding to rebrand, you must first evaluate the current state of the company. Find out what causes the rebranding needed or what goals you want to achieve by doing the process. Do you want to reach a wider market, or want the company to be more updated with the current business situation? Then, you also have to do some research to determine a new positioning brand that suits your company’s needs and goals. The scope of your research can include several things such as customer wants & needs, customer opinion about your business, public perception of your brand and business, assets owned by your business, internal employee views of the business & brand, and the positioning of competitors’ products/services.

2. Communicating with Shareholders

You need to communicate to shareholders first because this process can affect the future of the company’s business. Some of the things you need to communicate are the timeline, financing, key objectives, results of previous research and evaluation, competitive positioning, the implications of rebranding for a particular department or division, and the company as a whole.

3. Compiling a Planned List

At this stage, you have to compile a list of plans and outline what processes will need to be done to achieve the target. For example, replacing logos and overall print branding on various office, stationery, and other media assets.

4. Documenting the entire rebranding process

Make sure you document the entire rebranding process with written notes starting from the beginning of the discourse, during the process, and finally being disseminated to the public. This documentation is important to do as a company file when determining a business decision at a later date. Besides, this documentation can also provide guidelines for other decisions in the future.

5. Conducting outreach

After the rebranding process is complete, then you must then socialize it to the general public. This stage is usually carried out by the Public Relations (PR) division as the party responsible for the company’s brand. Several things can be done, such as Internal PR Campaigns and External PR Campaigns. The internal campaign is aimed at all shareholders and also all company employees without exception. Meanwhile, external campaigns are aimed at customers, communities, media, and all stakeholders of your business, including the general public.

Reasons for Rebranding

Several important things can cause a company to rebrand, such as pressure from competitors it cannot handle. Or the result of consumer pressure that is affected by technological changes. As well as a change in company goals. Besides, there are signs that you can know before deciding to do this process. Check out the explanation below:

  • The company’s mission has changed. The first thing that can be a compelling reason why you should go through this process is because of the company’s mission. A changing company mission can be a sign that you have to make a change or change. The new mission will be more difficult to socialize if rebranding is not carried out.
  • The old target market is old. The second reason you can see is that your target market is too old now. Even though your old customers may still be loyal, you also need to pay attention to potential new customers. Your target market doesn’t need to change, you just need to rebrand it swiftly. When you are late to notice the change in age and taste of this target market, it will be more difficult for you to rebrand.
  • There is a desire to launch a new product. Another reason why you should rebrand is because of the desire to launch a new product that is completely different from before.
  • There are superior competitors. When you feel that you are always losing to competitors, it means you need to rebrand.

Disadvantages of Rebranding

Rebranding is a process to give a company, organization, product, or place a new look. In general, a company carries out this process for financial reasons, new management or leadership, prospective market analysis, or a company merger. This process is not something that can be done instantaneously or in a hurry. However, it requires lengthy brainstorming sessions, and sometimes includes dilemmas to predict how your business will turn out after this process. Is it working or not? It depends on how much effort you put into building this new brand. The following are the drawbacks of rebranding:

  • Some consumers and people in institutions will reject rebranding efforts because the new image or product packaging represents the unknown. For that, you need to develop a plan for dealing with resistance by explaining how a rebranding service or product will be better than before.
  • Urban rebranding can potentially fragment existing communities as new communities are created. Make sure to anticipate and avoid this whenever possible. Urban rebranding is indeed much more difficult than company or product rebranding.

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