Want to motivate the sales team? Here are 10 tips

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Want to motivate the sales team Here are 10 tips

Want to motivate the sales team? Here are 10 tips

Want to motivate the sales team Here are 10 tips

Keeping a motivated team is the main determinant of overall success. In the sales team, motivation is even more important because it helps employees focus on the big picture, even when daily operations may include handling the rejection of proposals or offers as a job requirement.

Motivating employees is a skill that must be learned by sales managers or business owners if they want to run a successful team for a long time.

In this article, you will learn tips to motivate the sales team to be considered to be added to your team training and meeting.

What are the main influences that are important for the motivation of the sales team?

Motivation is very important to optimize your sales power, but maybe make some managers wonder how to achieve it.

From a broader perspective, it’s good to understand what the main influence in your organization is most important to maintain the motivation of your team. Here are three main influencers in terms of sales motivation:

Management style

Management style, confidence, and practice can foster motivation to salespeople. It is important to hire a dedicated, skilled, and willing management team developing employees in sales techniques.

Corporate culture

The organizational structure of the company and culture can be a motivation. This includes everything from the role played by members of the sales team in the company to how they are paid.

Intrinsic motivation

If you have a diverse and motivated sales team in various ways, offering prize money must be one of the many motivational sources you use.

Consider what else to make your team feel good but don’t always have value for money, like getting a verbal holiday or recognition.

The 10 best tips for motivating your sales team

Follow this guide to motivate your sales team:

1. Give incentives for team performance

Growing a sense of competition is great for motivating the sales team, but a sense of cooperation is also a big motivation.

Studies show that business people in all work functions, including sales, perform better in team settings. Collaboration is a determining factor in successfully meeting performance goals.

Give the biggest award to the division or department than to the best players on each team. It will maintain a sense of competition while also ensuring sales professionals maintain a sense of loyalty to their special sales team.

For example, you can offer a bonus for the highest average sales income per team as an incentive to appreciate teamwork and friendship. The team will be motivated to encourage each other to make the next call and set the next promise.

2. Learning is optimistic as a team

Optimistic views are very important for success not only individual sales personnel but also the sales team. The optimism learned can also be effective with the sales group.

It is good news because even though each team member may not experience great sales days, lifting each other as a team proved to be very useful for everyone.

While the commission and the purpose of individuals can be established, it is important to add team training to your meeting to emphasize an optimistic and confidence in the ability of the team to achieve a common goal.

3. Emphasize positive thoughts in the team

Ask everyone in the team to write something they like or admire about other people in the team on index cards (one index card per person).

This can be one word or sentence but still anonymously. At the end of the exercise, exchange cards so that everyone has a group of cards with positive comments from his team.

4. Focus on teaching tasks and successful sales processes

When the sales team is trained for success, they tend not to make mistakes that can cause less sales and negative feedback, which can reduce motivation.

The important thing that can be taken here is that your sales team will be more motivated and focused if they have the skills to stay aligned by meeting their own needs.

5. Acting based on current needs

Bringing teams to moments may be as simple as sure to ensure their needs are fulfilled. Respiratory techniques and other instant stress relievers can help team members who want to get better focus and precision at this time.

Teaching Teams How to use this technique before important sales calls can improve overall performance.

6. Make blood flow into the brain

Ask the team to stand up and do some light exercises such as stretching, hand massage, or walking. Yoga ball, jump jump, stress ball, knee lift, exercise bracelet or light load can also be useful for teams to increase blood flow and help produce focus. Encourage employees to use the gym during the day too.

7. Talk to your sales team member

Get to know your team members and develop trust. If someone seems disturbed, ask if something is thinking.

Then, see if it’s something you can help to pass. Share your story with them too – you might be able to connect it in a certain way.

If the problem is more long-term, referring to your team members for counseling, coaching or mentoring may be right.

8. Appreciate the time and performance of your team

Important time management for success. Although this may seem clear, in many sales positions, the relationship is obscured by commissions, bonuses and incentives.

The team can find motivation by considering time as money. Have a card with these statistics in hand or read at a recap or motivation meeting.

It will motivate your sales team to move forward with more phone calls, e-mail, and more because even though they may not see a direct increase in wages or hourly salaries to do more calls, they will see the impact on the commission.

By using the average closing level for the average team and the average commission per client at different stages in the flow, calculate the average profit per team member for each call, appointments and email and email.

Using team statistics keeping the playing field, so no one feels their time is less valuable.

9. Streamline the sales process

The time spent well also means making sure the sales team has the information needed when the information is needed.

Asking questions from prospective customers is part of the work of the salesperson, and the question is likely to be very detailed and involve the amount of information available through other sources.

Instead of leaving people with questions, apply processes and resources that empower sales team members to work proactively.

10. Entrust effective communication

Communicate effectively save time and make money. This is true whether communication is verbal, written or nonverbal, and it applies to the communication of the internal sales team as well as communication with potential clients.

Communication with clients and prospects is very important. Training the team in effective communication techniques that focus on delivering facts and professionalism will make a big difference.

Ask the team members practice talking to each other as if they are prospective customers, complete with objections and obstacles.

Then, ask the team to find alternative ways to handle the situation and discuss why or why they don’t say or do something differently.

If your workspace has a door, keep open. Encourage people to come and chat with you. You might even want to schedule chat with team members regularly. If a team member comes to you with questions or worries, treat them respectfully and give them time and space to express themselves.


Maintaining the motivation of a good sales team is important in a business. Remember, the sales team is the spearhead of any business, without sales there is no income for your business.

If you are a business owner, make sure you always understand the needs of the sales team related to interaction with better customers. Sometimes listening to what they need will result in the best decision for the development of your business.

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