Want to Make Money from the Internet? This is the Way

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Want to Make Money from the Internet This is the Way

Want to Make Money from the Internet? This is the Way

Send regards for success. If there are a thousand roads to Rome, there are also many ways and styles, including earning money from the internet. It is proven by my friends who focus on doing their online jobs, they can earn dollars, starting from those who earn 500USD / month to those who have paid out around 4,000USD / month. It is tempting but the process and focus on the goal remains the main recipe.

Can get money from the internet can be done by anyone, including housewives, even if used as a side job in the midst of daily activities. So do not be surprised if until now online business is still a pretty lucrative opportunity for some people.

There are many different ways to get money from internat, each of which has different characteristics and also different strategies. Some of the online businesses that I will mention here may be only a few, all of which I now know from the process of my friends who are successful in online business.

  • Publisher Froggy Ads

Being a pulisher on Froggy Ads is one of the most popular ways to get money from the internet that I know of. You could say it is popular because most of the perpetrators are those who like to write on blogs / websites, who like to make applications, and who have a hobby of making videos.

The working system of Froggy Ads is that publishers provide ad space for Froggy, the ad space can be articles on a blog / web, can be videos on Youtube, or by creating certain applications that support advertisement.

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With advertisements displayed on certain blog / website pages, videos or applications, Froggy will pay publishers if the advertisements are clicked or viewed by their visitors, therefore many visitors will greatly affect the publisher’s earnings. The more visitors who come on the web / blog it will usually be more and more income. Likewise with videos on Youtube, the more people who watch and click on the ads, the more money they will earn.

Circulation of the number of visitors to the blog / web or often referred to as website traffic will be greatly influenced by many factors, such as the number of articles written, the quality of writing, web design, and also web optimization so that it is easily accessible. Matching the theme of the website (niche) with the intended audience is also an important factor, because this concerns a person’s interest in reading.

  • Create an Online Store

Making an online store become one of the online businesses that are currently no less popular with being a google adsense publisher, some of my friends who previously ran an offline business have now started venturing into online businesses by opening an online store. Some of my friends’ merchandise which are selling well online are usually in the form of selling clothes, ranging from baby clothes to adults, there are selling traditional herbal concoctions, and some friends also earn a decent income from selling computer hardware ranging from flash disks to laptops.

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In making an online shop some of my friends usually use wordpress and openchart based websites. The transaction model if the goods displayed on the internet have been purchased and paid for money through account transfer, then the goods are sent to the destination address. To get stock, they usually collaborate with several shops in the market, while my friend who sells hardware has a computer shop.

Buying and selling online is actually not only limited to selling new products, some people who also successfully sell their online also sell a variety of second products such as toys for babies, baby and children’s gear and other electronic items.

The core of this online business is actually almost the same as an offline business, the key lies in seriousness in trying, stay focused on the area they are involved in and able to build the trust of others.

  • Online Competition

Many people can get money from the internet one of them from the results of online competitions. There are many kinds of competitions held every day in this virtual universe, ranging from gaming competitions, design competitions, blog / web competitions and so forth.

One of the competitions that my friends participated in and up to now is still a logo design competition at 99designs.com. On the site you can enter the logo contest where the logo is ordered by companies in the world at 99designs.com. If you are lucky your logo is chosen to be the best, then you will get money that will be transferred through PayPal, the price will vary, this depends on the customer.

Getting money from the internet there are many ways and ways other than those mentioned above. Please look to yourself about which online business if it suits your interests and abilities.