Want to be successful in business quickly? These are Online Business Tips for MSMEs

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Want to be successful in business quickly? These are Online Business Tips for MSMEs

Want to be successful in business quickly These are Online Business Tips for MSMEs

In 2018, the number of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) reached 59 million actors. That number means one-fifth of the entire population of Indonesia, which reaches 260 million people. Of the 59 million actors, most of them have entered the online business. And what do you think about the number of MSME businesses in 2020 and 2021?

Why choose an online business?

Production costs are one of the advantages. Especially if your business is pre-order-based. Then, your product will be produced according to customer orders. Besides, the required promotional costs tend to be more efficient than doing business offline.

Therefore, over time the competition became fierce. How do you get ahead of your competitors? Here are some online business success tips for MSMEs.

Online Business Success Tips for MSMEs

Master Online Marketing Strategy

There are many ways to market your product. Especially if you enter into an online business. You don’t just learn to create a free website but also advertise on Google, make interesting promotions, or something else. Therefore, you can’t just expect to upload photos or videos on social media pages.

Learn as many online marketing strategies as you can. Because the competition in the online world is very tight. So if you don’t want to fall behind the competition, you have to exceed what the competitor has given the customer.

Apply an Online Marketing Strategy

If you already know various kinds of online marketing strategies, then you just have to apply them in an online store. You only need to be brave to try one of the strategies that have been learned. Is this strategy effective to apply to your online store or not.

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You can choose from promotions on Instagram, using the Facebook Shop, making videos on Youtube, to advertising on a trusted website. Make a plan for a promotion. If the promotion that you do is right on target, there will be an increase in product sales in your online business.

Select the product you wish to sell

You have mastered the online marketing strategy well. So, before you apply it, first make sure the product you want to sell. Besides, make sure the products being sold have abundant stocks. Because, it would be dangerous if a customer asks for your product, but the stock is empty.

Also, make sure the products you sell can be sent to various places with the right delivery service. Because, usually several products need to be sent via Cash on Delivery (COD). So, choose products that are sold without the need to meet you with consumers.

Prompt response

This is the main reason why consumers prefer to do online transactions. Because, when asking about a product, the seller will usually give a quick response. If the response received by customers is slow, competitors will take away your loyal customers. What’s dangerous is that sales of your product have decreased.

Collect Positive Comments

This is good enough for your content. Showing positive comments from customers adds interest to the transaction. Besides that, it’s also good to build trust. However, what is clear is that make sure your product gets positive comments.

To get positive comments always ensure the quality of your product. Also, give good service. If you have done the process correctly on the online business, it will have an impact on product sales.

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Cooperate with Other Businesses

You need to work with other business partners. For example, with OVO or ShopeePay regarding payment methods. Or use a payment gateway. Look for a payment gateway that provides payment methods according to customer preferences. Receiving payments according to customer preferences can increase sales for your business. So that your customers can choose to use payments via e-wallets, virtual accounts (bank transfers), credit/debit cards, retail outlets, and installments without a credit card.

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