Want to Attract Young Consumers? Take advantage of TikTok Videos!

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Want to Attract Young Consumers? Take advantage of TikTok Videos!

Want to Attract Young Consumers Take advantage of TikTok Videos

TikTok video fever is raging in Indonesia. When you open social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you will find some TikTok videos from well-known accounts. This symptom is not surprising. Because TikTok is in its heyday.

At the beginning of 2019, the number of people who downloaded the TikTok application reached 800 million. More than 500 million people access TikTok videos every month. This figure is tantalizing for business people. How many consumers would you get if you could upload product videos on TikTok?

However, before answering these questions, it’s a good idea to get to know what TikTok is.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is an app that loads videos that are very short, only 15 seconds long. Initially, TikTok was used to lip-sync music videos. With people who have unique talents, the video uploads attract attention. Recently, many TikTok users have been called influencers. This designation is based on the number of viewers in a video.

The target market for TikTok video users is generation Z. They are between 13-24 years old. Generation Z tends to like messages in a visual form. Not only in the form of photos or images but also videos. With TikTok, their talents can be channeled well.

After being able to get a lot of public attention, TikTok videos are increasingly diverse. Starting from cooking demonstrations, eating together, clothing outfits, and many others. Interestingly, if you like TikTok videos, there’s no need to bother following your account. You just have to go to the Discover page and find the Tiktok video you want.

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TikTok users can also be called TikTok. He has a profile page which contains a brief description of his account. You can start creating a TikTok account to assess how confident you are. Because usually TikToker is a person who has considerable self-confidence.

Who Uses TikTok?

Are people who have high self-confidence? Yes, and usually targeting young people, especially generation Z. Nearly 60% of TikTok users are people who are under 30 years old. Of this percentage, almost half more who access are women.

Challenge in the form of hashtags

Challenge is a keyword for TikTok users. Usually, they make uploading TikTok videos accompanied by challenge hashtags so that other users can search and even continue the challenge.

How does a brand use TikTok videos?

When you have a business and want to display products through TikTok videos, the first thing you do is create a channel then upload a product video. To make it more interesting, you can collaborate with TikTok users. They, who have been trained, can promote your product more effectively.

If you have an allocated budget for advertising, TikTok videos can be a good tool. Ads on TikTok can reap more than 20 million users in Indonesia.

Unique Content on TikTok

If you want to introduce the brand and then market the product, what you need to prepare is how to package unique content. Like on Youtube, you can partner with people who first jumped into the world of Tiktok (Influencer). So that there is engagement between you and the target market.

Even though TikTok has been lip-syncing content from the start, currently, the most viewers are DIY (Do It Yourself) videos. Making and packaging food, learning to dance, and drawing are all content that Generation Z loves.

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You have to understand that from the start, TikTok is targeting the age range under 30 and even 25 years. Content that is not only serious but meaningful and interesting is the definition of content on TikTok.

Ads on TikTok

Currently, TikTok has expanded into business. The bargaining position taken is to provide advertising. Since January 2019, TikTok users, especially business people, have tried to reap profits from advertising on TikTok.

Answering the question above, if the population of TikTok users in Indonesia reaches 50 million, advertisements about your product can earn at least 25 million. You just need to package it, collaborate with influencers, and TikTok users are ready to make transactions with you.

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