Visme : avis utilisateurs vérifiés Capterra Belgique

Commentaires: I am a volunteer for a non profit animal rescue association. We had a very a hit past year and had been attempting to find a way to visually show all of the data from it, but didn’t quite know how. Before working with Visme, we had no idea how really helpful it might be to have this information visually represented in a fantastic infographic. The consequences were eye catching, easy to read/interpret and excellent to share on both social media and in print. We were capable of take a closer study our metrics and assess exact data we can be maintaining a tally of and we could be capable of use these findings as a benchmark for years to return.

Thank you Visme, for providing a tool to not only create an aesthetically fascinating infographic, but a tool that opened our eyes to our own a lot of analytics that we can display screen and share with our supporters. Avantages: Visme is especially easy to use, even for someone without a photograph design/technical event. I created a blinding infographic to display all of my association’s “year in review facts” with none frustration or confusion. I was in a position to create an evidence of the design and export it to a JPEG file for review. When layout/aesthetic selections were finalized, I bought a club to have access to down a PDF version of the design.

I ended up sending an identical PDF file to a local print shop where it was revealed on a 24×36 foam board which still seemed in the highest quality that was displayed in my browser. You can’t have a high quality print without a top quality file to print from. The first of many great reviews!Inconvénients: This is doubtless an argument with all other SAS which requires a continuing web connection to use. Specifically, the visme shows cannot be changed in a MS powerpoint presentation and cant be changed offline. It exports as a photograph/single image in powerpoint so it forces you to just use visme to change your presentation.

Requires online connection and infrequently it lags when you’re working for your browser when you have a slow connection. Charges you in USD so it sucks for you Canadians available.

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