Virtual Event as one of the marketing strategies, why not?

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Virtual Event as one of the marketing strategies why not

Virtual Event as one of the marketing strategies, why not?

Virtual Event as one of the marketing strategies why not

The existence of social restrictions lately has had a huge influence on the event that has been planned by the brand. To avoid the existence of a crowd, the marketers often hold the event into the digital world that we usually know with virtual events.

Holding virtual events can be used as one of the good ways to stay connected with audiences when being required to apply the rule of physical distances. In addition, various sciences, information, and entertainment provided are also able to help the community to get through various difficult times.

What is Virtual Event?

So, virtual events are a form of events or events held using internet media or done online, anywhere, even in all countries.

The absence of limitations in this digital world will certainly make us able to invite more participants from abroad because they also become no need to travel in attending the event.

Advantages of Virtual Event

For now, the level of popularity of virtual events has increased. Reporting from the Forbes page, the level of virtual event organization in 2020 has increased to 1000% of the many.

That means virtual events can be a big part of the future. How come? Because virtual events have various advantages below:

1. Able to minimize expenses

Most of us are certainly understood and understand that funds are needed to tens of millions of rupiah to be able to hold a simple event. Not to mention transportation costs, consumption, event venues, and also decorations.

What’s more, if it turns out that later the event failed, such as the lack of the number of participants present. Of course, it will not be found on the virtual event. The needs of the event and the level of risk of failure will be much more minimal.

Just imagine tens of millions of rupiahs that you spend to rent a building and decoration where you can press the event by just subscribing to zoom meetings.

2. Increase value events

Does the quality of virtual events lower than offline events? Of course not. Why?

First, more efficient funds will more allow you to focus on presenting an exclusive keynote speaker. The quality of the material will become more interesting and more trusted.

In addition to being able to capture more enthusiasts, virtual events will also allow you to give more appreciation to the participants. Like by giving a door prize. Instead of issuing millions of rupiah for operational costs, the budget can be more allocated to provide interesting door prizes.

However, virtual events are more difficult to engage with the audience? Well, it’s been a lot of advanced virtual event tools, such as QnA, Lucky Wheel, Quiz Interactive, to interesting polls. In addition, all participants also have more opportunities to be able to interact during virtual events.

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3. FOMO Effects will trigger people to join

FOMO or Fear of Missing Out is a term in the world of psychology used when someone has anxiety when it is left behind a trend or another fun thing.

Well, this virtual event turned out to be quite able to cause FOMO effects. What’s more, if given the time and the participant’s quota limit. Live streaming can be said to be a virtual event that is quite capable of giving FOMO effects.

Why? Because many people want to connect with many participants and are afraid to miss valuable opportunities. As reported from the Forrester website, most people who watch live streaming shows are willing to spend 10 to 20 times longer than watching ordinary videos.

4. Cloud Meeting provides more freedom

87% of people currently prefer to use video conferences than three years ago. Moreover, since the Pandemic Covid-19 took place, the percentage of the use of zoom applications increased to 67% of the many. In addition, virtual events are also able to provide more freedom.

Virtual Events can make someone more flexible in following events in various parts of the world. In addition, it comes from the Brella page, as many as 74% of Cloud Meeting also hopes to be more connected with various connections or ability to aim for more potential business partners.

For this reason, don’t be surprised if now many people are more interested in virtual events.

5. Build personalization in marketing

Personalization or Hyper-Personalization is one of the techniques in the world of marketing that focuses more on the human personal side using artificial intelligence technology (AI).

One of the initial efforts that can be used to build Hyper-Personalization is by collecting data, and virtual events can be very appropriate moments.

Then why should it be from data? Data is not just a number, but also able to tell human behavior. From this data, the company will be easier to provide product information, content, and services that are more relevant to customers.

Like for example, by knowing the demographic data of the Virtual Event participants, you can better know which audience groups are more interested in the product, material, or service you provide.

So, it will be easier in making relevant products or content to capture potential consumers. Reporting from the campaign monitor page, Hyper-Personalization was even able to increase sales of up to 20% of the many.

Types of virtual events

1. Virtual Conference

A brand can create an online conference by providing various types of topics and also sessions in the virtual event they made. In this conference, later participants can choose which session they want to attend.

Generally, this event is also held so that it can attract participants consisting of smaller groups.

2. Webinar

Webinars are very appropriate virtual events to provide information and education related to the business or industry that you are in. Generally in the webinar event, each speaker will provide a material presentation and then followed by a question and answer session.

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Holding webinars can be the most appropriate way to reach a larger audience and discuss more in-depth related to a topic related to a brand or industry that you live in.

Another way that can be used to encourage the wishes of the audience to want to register for the webinar session is to record the webinar session which will then be downloaded when it’s finished.

3. Online Training

One type of virtual event that is quite famous is Online Training. The aim is that the participants can have new abilities or can complete various courses that are being participated in. This type of virtual event can be held lively, where trainers can later share their content added with the question and answer session.

4. Virtual Meetup

The meeting held face-to-face certainly has its advantages. But just like social media, this online meeting can also be used as an interesting means to be able to connect with various people with the same level of hobby or hobby.

By holding an online meeting, the brand or company can hear complaints and also get good suggestions from customers, so that later it will help the brand more developed again.

5. Ask me anything (ama)

This virtual event format will invite speakers or experts who are very professional and felt right, each of its audience can ask for any things related to the speaker.

This type of event can attract the audience because they can get to know more closely with the speakers and can also get various input they need for speakers.

6. Online Concert

In a pandemic time like now, many of us are very saturated. In this case, companies can help them by holding online music concerts.

Although the level of pleasure is certainly different from direct concerts, at least this virtual concert has a great attraction for the community, especially in expelling their saturation.


Moving events from the real world to virtual events can indeed be used as the right solution for marketers to attract more attention to the audience, especially in the pandemic period whose social mobility is very limited.

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